The Life of Bon: Give me my Bachelorette!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Give me my Bachelorette!!!



Tuesday is typically a hard day for me.
Today is no different.  

This is because The Bachelorette airs on Monday nights and my girlfriends and I don't watch it until Tuesday night.  We can't stand commercials and none of us have Ti-Vo and Mondays are always busy so we have to watch it good old Hulu style on Tuesday.  We all agree that we can live waiting one extra day to witness our beloved Emily flaunt her wardrobe and make out with hotties (That woman had a $350,000 budget for her clothes.  With that kind of money, she BETTER look good!) but come Monday night/Tuesday I invariably regret my decision to wait.  It's hard not to turn on the TV from 7-9 on Monday- just to get a little peek at what's going on.  Tuesday is torture.  I have to stay away from all social media that might give a hint at who was kicked off.  Blogs are a definite no-no  because you never know what blogger might casually let it slip.  The afternoon hours drag on as I wait for my girlfriends to arrive to watch our show on my dinky laptop.
A little too obsessed with The Bachelorette?  Please, people, tell me something I don' know.
To pass the time while I wait for Bachelorette, and to ensure that this post doesn't turn in to nothing more than me rambling about the beauty of some lady from North Carolina that I've never met, I'm going to let Kristine take over from here.  Believe me, this girl has got this blogging thing going on!

Hey there lovely Life of Bon Readers!! I'm Kristine!

I blog over at

 Over at our place I share and document our big and not so big adventures. You’ll also find my attempts at being a fun mom and wifey, being "fashionable", and being Susy Homemaker, ya know throwing in some sweets and some craftoons in the mix. As you can see I enjoy making up words too! We have a good time! I can be a wee bit sarcastic, but try not to
take offense mmmkay? We might not agree on some things, but no worries,
we can still be friends! I promise!

What you NEED to know, so we can be BFF's (wink).

I am {in love} with the Hubs.

I am {in love} with our M&M girls.

And I'm all about living life, and of course blogging about it!

Life should be a celebration, and we never need a reason to party! 

If that's your cup o' tea?
I would love it if you came over and partied it up with us!
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Thanks for hanging with me today and thanks to Bonnie for having me!

See you over in our neck of the woods, hopefully sooner than later! Be sure to let me know if I sent you, ha! Happy day lovelies!!



Wow, does that sound like a deal or does that sound like a deal?!?  
Now, go pay Kristine a visit and show her the love I know you have inside of you while I FINALLY get to watch my Bachelorette.  HOLLER!


  1. You have more self control than me...I could never wait. But then again, I could NEVER live without my DVR. I have a girl crush on Emily, too...who do you want her to end up with???

  2. yes, omg props to you for being able to wait! I can imagine tuesday is torture. Who is your favorite?

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    thanks for stopping by! I'm loving your blog - new follower for sure :)

  4. P.S. I met Jef today...

  5. I had a bachelorette viewing party last night, it was so fun....we decided to make it a weekly event!


  6. I'd just like to say that I met Jef today. Like, took a picture with him and everything. Crazy, right?

  7. Husband and I have a little Bachelorette drinking game. Take a drink every time the fair Emily says, "I know, right?" but be could get drunk.

  8. I could never wait. Entertainment Weekly is one of daily sites and they post their recap ASAP. Plus they also post Chris Harrison's blog as well. I would never ever make it!

  9. I don't usually watch it at its normal time either...but I have to do my best to watch it that night before my friend emails me about it the next day. So far so good!

  10. You're too funny! I couldn't wait that long to watch my favorite show!! Good self control! :)


  11. Hi Bonnie! Following back from Rogue Baby. So glad to have found your blog! =)

  12. never seen the show

  13. So I am totally obsessed/addicted with the bachelorette and the bachelor too. Oh and don't forgeth bachelor pad... I record mine and watch when my little ones are in bed hopefully the same night though. Can't wait for this coming Monday/Tuesday!! Have fun!