The Life of Bon: Random thoughts... but just for the record I think the word random is greatly overused in society.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Random thoughts... but just for the record I think the word random is greatly overused in society.

I used to do this when I was in high school and I was so bored by my teachers.  I would just start writing and I would write and write and the rule is you have to write whatever is on your mind no matter what it is.  No editing.  No censoring.  No filtering.  No organizing.  I called it random thoughts.  I have paint on my fingernails.  Not nail polish- paint.  Like from painting walls.  It's because I've been helping Greg paint the apartments next door.  It's kind of fun and also kind of sucky just like a lot of things in life I guess.  I wore bright red lipstick to the grocery store today.  I do that to feel sassy and sexy because what's more boring than grocery shopping and what can spruce it up better than red lipstick?  The best thing is though I went to play tennis with Mandy later and I still had on my bright red lipstick.  Sometimes I feel like my grandma when I do that and I LOVE IT.  At the grocery store I had to buy water chestunuts.  WHAT THE?!?!  It's because I'm making this recipe of Vanessa's for lettuce wraps and they called for water chestnuts.  Who has even ever heard of those?   I also had to get sesame seed oil or some other weird crap like that.  I swear, how anybody becomes a good cook is beyond me- it all seems so complicated.  I like Emily on the bachelorette but I wish she didn't wear so makeup.  I think she's going to pick Arie although I hope Jef goes far because he's from Utah.  We can't figure out if Jef is Mormon or not.  We try to figure it every episode- is he drinking alcohol, is he wearing garments, is he cussing up a storm?  No conclusions yet although we stalked his facebook and saw a picture of him with an apostle.  Hmmmm.  I wish I had some chocolate peanut butter ice cream but unfortunately I ate the rest of it last night.  If only I could talk Greg into going to the store to buy me some.  I bet he'd do it if I were pregnant.  I swear, pregnant people get everything they want in life.  I can't wait to have that excuse and I'm going to use it to its fullest.  I wonder if my students miss me and all my jokes.  Who am I kidding?  Of course they do.  I don't really miss them.  I'm just loving summer.  These first few days have been so awesome and I feel all my stress just completely melting away.  I think Greg likes summer Bonnie much more than school Bonnie.  I like summer Bonnie more too.  She's just cool, you know?  You know who has a funny twitter account?  Bill Murray.  For example:  Have you ever thought about how difficult it must be for a giraffe to throw up?  HAHA!  Hilarious.  Sometimes they're too dirty for me, though, so I gotta censor them you know.  My lips are kind of chap.  Too much sun.  Greg lost his wedding ring when he went to California.  I'm still mad at him for that although he claims it wasn't his fault.  Well, we all claim things, don't we?!?  All I know is he ain't getting no expensive ring the second time around.  Next weekend we're going up with friends to my cabin.  HOLLER!  And the weekend after that we're going to St. George.  HOLLER!  And the weekend after that is my birthday.  DOUBLE HOLLER!  Also Greg auditioned for a zombie movie tonight and if that doesn't fit him to a tee, I don't know what does!  I think this is the first time I have ever referred to my husband as Greg on my blog.  Welp, readers, looks like that cat is out of the bag!  Hubs' real name is Greg and all this time you thought it was just Hubs!  Joke's on you, people!

Now tell me.  Was that not the most thought provoking thing you've ever read?

I blame it on summer time.  Lack of organization and inspiration and care and where was I going with that?

Tomorrow we'll take it to a more educated level, I promise.  Book talk, get excited.


  1. haha love this! my sister went to high school with jef... his parents are on a mission but she says he is inactive? and i think he drinks the alcohol? who knows. i don't really like him too much, but i'm pretty sure he will go pretty far.

  2. My friend also went to high school with Jeff, and I heard he makes it far, like top 3.. He does have a tattoo on his arm... My guess is he is inactive. PS. Geoff (my Geoff) is on his 5th wedding ring... that I even know of! Ha I'm sure he has lost even more! He just replaces it each time and I usually don't even notice. The last one he picked up at the little Pittsburgh market for 5 bucks... I think he knows better then to buy one worth more than that! Your summer sounds fun already! Wish I could play at the pool with you!

  3. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I can't figure out if he's morman either! I think I really like Arie. And Sean? the blonde, is that his name?
    I've never thought about Giraffes and throwing up. That must be very difficult and long... haha

  4. My sister in law has been hanging out with Jef lately. She says his parents are mission presidents, but he is inactive. Not sure about the g's, probably not. Nearly positive he gets into the top two.

  5. Love this. It's like a mind explosion. I'm gonna have to try it. Would definitely be interesting to read back to myself one day. Have you ever heard of a Smash Journal? I'm doing a post about them on Friday. Or google it. I bet you'd LOVE them. And I have to say I'm not a huge "Jef-with-one-f" fan. I'm pulling for Arie. I don't know why, since I kind of like him. Because in this game, the winner almost always ends up the loser!

  6. Hahaha, I love it! But yeah, water chestnuts... wth!

  7. love love this! i'm going to try it soon :)