The Life of Bon: Love via an Eight year old

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love via an Eight year old

Good news people.

Sunday I was getting together with all the fam damily.  You know how it goes... dinner, dessert, drugs... Nope. Not drugs. I was going for three Ds.

ANYWAY... the point is this. It was a birthday celebration. Every month we celebrate everybody who is having a birthday that month. (You still with me people? This can get confusing when you've got seven siblings and fifteen nieces and nephews, believe me!)

ANYWAY... Please stop distracting me.  It's rude.  For birthdays in my fam damily everyone goes around and says why they love the birthday person.  You can imagine it makes you feel all good and warm and furry inside. Furry?  I think it's fuzzy.

ANYWAY... You know whose birthday it is this month don't you? MINE!  To celebrate, my 8 year old and 10 year old nephew so candidly told me why they loved me:

Davy, Age 8:
"I like Bonnie because she knows all the jokes."  That's right people.  ALL of them.  Now I like to think that my sense of humor is a little above an eight year old's understanding, but apparently he's been catching them all.  Touche, Davy. Touche.

Eli, Age 10:
"I like Bonnie, but lately she's been very unavailable.  Like ever since she got married.  I mean, she's always with Greg.  Which is cool too... I guess..."

Don't you wish you had nephews to make you feel furry inside?  And believe me, this isn't the first time my nephews have come up with some pretty stellar birthday tributes.

Lefty: Mad that I'm unavailable Rightie: Jealous that I know all the jokes

NOW... moving onward, I have got the most fantastic, original girl you are ever gonna meet in the blogging world.  I mean, COME ON, this chick wants to open up a yarn shop!  How's that for cool?!?  She's super crafty and super unique and I secretly wish I had half of her knitting talent.  So take it away Megan!


Hi there!  I'm Megan, the writer behind A String of Purls!  I'm super excited to be here on Bonnie's lovely blog guest-posting (I'm not sure if that's a word or not, but okay!), and would like to tell you a little bit about me and my blog!  I'm happy to call a little corner of the blogosphere home, for almost a year now.  I call it a 'life and knitting' blog, but it's really so much more than that.  I write about the adventures I go on (a carnivorous plant store, for example), the pictures I take (portraits of my sister, neighbor kids, and my dog.  Not to mention my outfits!), and sometimes post tutorials (how to build a lightbox, or how to make a decorative yarn vase).  And, of course, I talk about all of the knitting I do!  I'm going on ten years, so I'm a bit of a veteran, and completely obsessed!

Now that you know what I do on my blog, here's a few (random) things about me:
I'm 20 years old, and heading into my third year of college.
I'm a psych major and business admin minor, and someday I'm going to open my own yarn shop!
I might be the biggest House fan out there.
I always wished (and still do) that I'd turned out to be left-handed.
I have a super unhealthy obsession with Malabrigo and Madeline Tosh yarn.
Speaking of obsession... I could live in Forever 21, or on Modcloth.
Purple has been my favorite color since first grade, although blue-green is a close second.
I could stare at Paul Wesley all day, and not get bored.  Maybe even for a week.  I take that back.  Easily for a week.  (I have to admit, my heart broke when I found out that he's married)

That's basically me in a nutshell!  I hope you'll hop on over to my blog to get to know me, and I you!  xx


Now listen here Megan, when you open up that yarn shop I want half the profits, you got it?!?


  1. ha ha. I love the honesty that kids have. They always have such funny things to say.

  2. Kids are hilarious. Happy Birthday! And nice to meet you, Megan!

  3. Haha. The reason why your relatives love you is seriously adorable.

    "Which is cool I guess..." hah!

  4. Also, Happy Birthday!

  5. Hey dear! I'm so glad you found my blog! I am in love with yours as well! Consider me a new follower too!

  6. i love malabrigo and madelinetosh. those yarns are to die for

  7. hi Bonnie .. thank you for visited my blog ,and i would be your new followers too .

    very good blog to share anything around you .. nice to meet you here