The Life of Bon: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!?

Monday, June 11, 2012



It was ten o'clock at night...

You had to make a late grocery run for some bare essentials...

You had just bought a cold 1 liter Orange Fanta for $1.79 for your darling Hubs...

You had your receipt in hand...

You were strolling out of the supermarket...

And right as you were leaving you saw...

A warm 2 liter Orange Fanta on sale for $.88?


Keep walking and curse your luck?


Grab the 2 liter Fanta...

Turn around to Customer Service...

Wait five minutes for the lady to get to you...

When it's already late and you're already tired...

Return the 1 liter Fanta...

And buy the warm 2 liter Fanta for a whopping $.94 back?

I'm not going to tell you which one I would do if I were in such a strange, obviously purely hypothetical situation.

But I am so interested to know... what would you do?


  1. Haha. I price match at Wal-mart and one time the cashier didn't really know what she was doing so instead of price matching she charged me twice for something that cost $.97. I went to customer service and waited in line for probably close to 10 minutes and had them fix it. So you can probably guess which I would do. :)

  2. 10 o'clock I'd waltz out of there and say oh well, next time! Earlier in the day, I'd probably return the 1 liter and get the 2 liter =)

  3. I'd completely go back, get a price adjustment and then buy 2 of the warm $.88 Fanta's. Fo Sho.


  4. Honestly--I would have validated spending more on it being cold and kept the one I had. But I would also probably keep thinking about missing the deal :/ ha ha

  5. heck YES i would have hightailed it back to customer service! that is highway robbery! are they actually suggesting that the electricity to chill that little old bottle of fants cost them .94 cents? hogwash. 94 cents is much better spent on a wet n' wild eyeline or something....(do they even still make wet n' wild?)

  6. Kept walking. I don't like 2-liters except for parties. They go flat before they're finished. I like my soda very carbonated.

  7. I would have written a heartfelt letter to the Wal Mart big wigs asking why the heck they put things to buy AFTER the check out stands. Bugs me every time! But really, I probably would have just walked out if it was that late at night. Now that I have my baby, 10-o-clock is the new midnight.

  8. Well, that's a tough one. See, I'm really, really cheap! Ha! But I'm also impatient, so that would be a very hard choice. However, cheap usually wins so I'm guessing I'd have waited in line, even if my refund was under $1!

  9. Keep walking! No way I'd turn back, wait in line to get .94 back. It'd have to be $5 or more for me to do that. I hate grocery shopping or any kind of food or late night, last minute, had to just run out and pick up kind of shopping. Anyhoo... that's for the comment on my blog, love your blog too! Glad to see that you're into reality TV also! Love the Kardashians and Real Housewives!

  10. Bahaha! I would have grabbed 2 two liters, marched up to the counter, and asked if I could exchange them. Yes, siree.
    I'm glad you popped by my blog! I've only read one post of yours so far and already you have me laughing :)

  11. To have an immediately cold drink is worth the extra money! I agree with the earlier comment about 2-liters going flat before it's gone. I only get them for parties.

  12. Definitely would've gone back. Especially if it was for my husband because he doesn't care if it's cold or not.

  13. Gone back and purchased the 2 liter...AND kept the 1 liter. A whopping $3.00 and some change. Now the hubby has plenty o' Fanta to last him.

  14. This is amazing. Maybe this should be its own blog series? I would have kept walkin' for sure. Just too lazy to save a buck--sad but true. :)

  15. Haahahha well.. to be honest... I would just head on home... because he would never know the 2nd option... and I'm lazy... and its a dollar.... and that's why I'm poor... haha :)

  16. I would like to say that I have my priorities in order (time at home before soda) however, I may be crazy enough to wait in line for the warm 2 liter. That's why we have refrigerators at home, right?

  17. haha good question! I'm too lazy to wait in line to fix it so I'd just be like "well crap". I'd prefer a cold soda anyways :)