The Life of Bon: Watch out, Reality TV!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watch out, Reality TV!

Social media is weird.

All of a sudden (and by all of a sudden I do realize that this has been going on for years.  But still.)  I have the ability to stay in touch with/ reconnect with people from every single stage of my life.  Some with crazy, interesting lives that I can stalk and creep on behind the safety of my computer screen.  Some who I most sincerely want to forget who creep on me.  Ah, the circle of life is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Recently I got a message on twitter from a guy that was in a movie with me at BYU Hawaii.  "Hi Bonnie! I enjoy reading your blog.  Looks like we've come a long way since those cheesy student films we made," says a man I haven't seen or heard for six years.

CHEESY?!?!  Excuse me, but that film was quality, my friend!  Sheesh, I hate it when people insult my work.

Anyway... the point is this guy who was in this "film" with me still does acting, theater, and so he is quite in the know.  Or maybe he's a bunch of bullcrap.  You never can tell these days. Anyway he seems to have some kind of inside scoop and said MTV is making a new reality TV show called "Young and Married" where they chronicle the lives of couples who are, get this, YOUNG and MARRIED!  (Props to whoever made up the title, I mean, that bad boy is CLEVER!)  He then said he instantly thought of me and Hubs, since I already chronicle our lives on this oh-so-exciting blog, and that he could get me more information if I wanted.


I brought it up to Hubs while we were on the way to see a movie on Saturday night.  (We saw Bernie.  One of the weirdest, and yet most fascinating movies I've ever seen.)  Hubs hopped right on that reality TV train, which I personally think is a little hypocritical of him because HELLO, I am the one who has always been the reality TV fan and he has given me guff for it and now he wants to be a reality TV star?!?  People these days! I think I deserve an apology, don't you?!?

The conversation went like this:

Bon Bon: We should try to be on this TV show called Young and Married
Hubs:  Ahhhh yah!  We're gonna get famous!
B:  It'd probably be real hard to get cast though.  Real competitive, you know?
H:  But I bet we could get on because we're Mormon.  (Have you noticed that all Mormons think they can get on TV just because they are Mormon?  Apparently, we're no exception.)
B:  Would you really want to do it though?  Think how hard it would be.
H:  It wouldn't be hard.  It'd be awesome!
B:  You'd have a camera in your face all the time.  They'd record all of our fights and the whole world would see it.
H:  Yah, and then I'd just look right at the camera and say "I'm a Mormon!"
B:  That doesn't make any sense.
H:  You don't understand, Bon.  I could do it.  If you don't want to do it, I'll do it by myself.
B:  You can't do it by yourself, it's called YOUNG and MARRIED.
H:  Yah, and I am married!
B:  Yes.  TO ME!
H:  No.  I am married to myself.
B:  That doesn't make any sense.

At which point we had arrived at the movie theater.  Obviously, as evidenced through this conversation about being on a reality TV show, Hubs and I would be the perfect reality TV couple.  Right?  Right?

Come on, back me up here, people.

Reality TV Gold?


  1. Sounds like fun! I'm not one for reality shows, but if you end up doing it, I look forward to hearing all about it! You two are super cute, btw. :)

  2. I would definitely watch, just saying! haha

  3. haha, hilarious! i'd watch your show :)

  4. I would watch your show. And think about the blog exposure you'd get! Do it...

  5. Dear MTV casting director,
    Cast this couple for your next Reality TV show. They're funny, pretty, and probably competitive or something. I'd watch your stupid channel AND stupid reality TV just so I could follow their zany antics.

    Beth =)

  6. I would totally watch this show if y'all were the stars.

  7. shoot, girl! i'd set my DVR for that fo' sho'!!!


  8. Thanks for following! I'm excited to follow you now, too. Yay for meeting new internet pals--and hello, you're about to be famous! I'd definitely watch your show. I recently received an email asking me if I was interested in doing a reality show portraying what it was like to be a military spouse and pregnant. I mentioned it to my husband and his reaction was much different. ha!

  9. I think it would be interesting to watch :)

  10. You should definitely apply!! You would be surprised! As soon as I got engaged, my friends kept bugging me about being on Say Yes to the Dress so I applied totally as a joke. Long story short I was on not once but TWICE!! and you seem to have a way cooler life than I do ;)

  11. Obsessed with reality TV -- love the idea! :)

    thanks for the follow - glad you found us too!

    Kait and Michele
    High Heels and Hot Deals

  12. YES! It's obvious y'all would be great!

  13. Definitely pure gold.

  14. I'd love to watch!

  15. Bonnie, based on your profile and this post alone, I am a new follower! Girl you are too much :) I'm definitely going to enjoy following along. I say go for the show!

    {then there was us}

  16. Lol - yes! You should totally try out. If you can argue this funnily on camera, it would be very interesting to watch. ;P

  17. This is hilarious! I hope you guys audition.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am following you back!