The Life of Bon: Sunburns, pirates, and dates with men who are not my husband

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunburns, pirates, and dates with men who are not my husband

We got back late last night from a long weekend in St. George/ Satan's bedroom.  Let's just say it's a little toasty down there and I am rocking a healthy sunburn despite the globs and globs of sunblock I covered myself in.  Over our three day weekend, I learned a thing or two about Hubs.  We've been married for over a year now and sometimes that boy is still pulling out crazy things that just straight up shock me.

Things I learned about my husband from our weekend in St. George

1.  Hubs doesn't care if I go on dates with other boys.  Friday morning Hubs wanted to go golfing with three of his buddies.  I said Yep, sounds good, enjoy yourself in the 100 degree heat, sucker! Hubs friend, Dayley, was going rock climbing, but you see rock climbing is in the shade and it sounded a lot better than sitting around the house all morning.  So I tagged along.  Just me and Dayley.  Alone in the wild.  Rock climbing.  Hubs texted me throughout the date to make sure it wasn't getting too spicy, but really he didn't seem at all to care that I was out with another man.  AND we took Hubs car.  Now ain't that something?!?

I appear to be smiling in this picture.  It was fake.  My legs and arms were so exhausted and at this point I thought I was going to die from the pain of moving muscles that have never been moved.

A couple of things about rock climbing:  1.  It's harder than it looks to climb those rocks.  2.  It's harder than it looks to belay.  Dayley was lead climbing and I was at the bottom holding onto the ropes all legit like, naturally.  All of a sudden Dayley yelled down, "I'm going to fall, I'm going to fall!" and before I knew it, I was being yanked five feet off the ground while Dayley came tumbling down a good eight feet until he hit the next clip.  When I recovered I looked up to see Dayley hanging UPSIDE DOWN from the mountain.  UPSIDE DOWN, PEOPLE! Twas a frightening sight to see, I assure you.

And that is how I went on a date with another man and saved his life.

2.  The second thing I learned about Hubs this weekend is Hubs secretly would like to be a pirate.  While we were in St. George we had the chance to zip on down to Vegas one afternoon to check out "Pirates' Cove." (I am not filthy rich, nor to I know people who are filthy rich.  I do, however, know people who know people who know people who are filthy rich, so that works too, I guess.)  This is the personal vacation home to the man who owns NuSkin.  It's a 22,000 foot, 20 bedroom, 25 bathroom, 3 pool mansion.  There's a basketball court, a raquetball court, a full on gym, and garages full of expensive cars, boats, and jet skiis.  There are not words to describe this kind of wealth.  Half of me was completely in awe and the other half of me was completely nauseous.  Pictures of the poverty I witnessed in Argentina came flashing back to me as I examined the decadent bathrooms, the luxurious rugs, and the multiple twenty thousand dollar statues.  How many families in Argentina could this feed?  It was a once in a lifetime experience, no doubt.  I couldn't help but think about God and the way he works.  Why he gives some so little, and others so obscenely much.  Does it all even out in the end?  In some ways I think it is just as valuable to see extreme wealth as it is to see extreme poverty, but I'm not totally sure on this theory.  Give me a few days to mull it over...

ANYWAY... after an hour long tour of the place, we finally got to swim.  It was 100+ degrees and we were dying so the water felt oh, so good.  We jumped off of crow's nests, zipped down water slides, and forgot that such a thing as work exists in this world.  And Hubs, well Hubs, started thinking he was a bonafide pirate.  He started talking in pirate talk, got his brother to join in with him in pirate song, and started daydreaming about the day when we could have our own $40 million pirate vacation spot.

Probably never, Hubs.

For your own two minute tour of Pirate Cove check out this bad boy.  It's only 2 minutes and it's worth it, I promise!  Just examine the obscene amount of wealth... I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this.  If you've got this amount of money is it okay to build something like this?

And now, for a disgusting amount of pictures...

Does this look like a total "Bachelor" set up to anyone else?

Can you see Hubs up there getting ready to jump?  HINT:  Look by the trees!

3. Hubs is committed. He had to be up to Saratoga Springs for a film shoot on Saturday morning. He woke up at 6 am on Saturday, drove four hours to be to his shoot by 10 am, filed for six hours, drove four hours back to be in St. George for some evening volleyball and late night Mafia. I realized three things when he did this:
1. Hubs is extremely committed to his career and making his acting dreams successful 
2. Hubs is extremely committed to people that he cares about- his family, his friends, and... well... me! 
3. Hubs is a little crazy.

But  doesn't everyone secretly want a crazy husband?!?


  1. I can think of worse things than having a pirate husband who doesn't mind lending you the car to go on dates with other men.

    How does he feel about you having a boat? ;)

  2. you got me so jealous with all these fun pictures. it's been years since the last time i went rock-climbing. :(

  3. What an amazing weekend! FYI - so jealous of the summer weather, can you send some warmth to this hemisphere? ... oh and I'm totally inspired to try rock climbing now!

  4. THANK YOU! There was a spell on the internet when I feel like a lot of people were attacking male-female relationships and how you have to have boundaries when you're alone with another man. Especially if you or him are married. Which... I totally understand. But at the same time, if you and your spouse are honest and such - shouldn't you be able to trust each other and let each other have friends, even if they are of the opposite sex? 1/2 of my close friends are guys, if their wives were all possessive I would have no friends. So... yay for your husband letting you go on dates with other men! LOL. Sorry - rant over.

    And, who doesn't want to be a pirate? Seriously. Pirates are awesome.

  5. What a fun mini-vacay! Looks like y'all enjoyed it (especially you on your date with another man ; ) hehe)

  6. Oh wow you only hear about the dangling upside down stories in the movies and books, so wow that it really happened. I'm glad he's okay...and that your hubby trusts you to date other men ;)

  7. Looks like such a great time! I love the crazy amount of photos.

  8. Wow! What an adventure you had! I am in awe of your bravery... I've only done rock climbing on a fake rock wall, the real thing looks way harder.

  9. So I don't know if the producers/Craig? would go for this but I bet a season of the Bachelor would be much more awesome if it took place at pirates cove. I would certainly enjoy it.

  10. Holy crap! I can understand five or six bathrooms for your "friends and family," but 25??!

  11. rock climbing looks awesome!! must of been frightening when your friend was dangling upside down!! so, let me get this straight- pirates cove is this man's personal vacation type home? its not an attraction? so i can't go see it?! it LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

  12. This looks like so much fun! I'm jealous of your fun weekend! My boyfriend wants to be either a ninja or a zombie killer, but I think he'd be okay with being a pirate it if meant he got that sweet cove.

    It's so great to see that there are other people out there who have "guy friends." I have a good friend that I work with who is married and we always joke around that I'm his "work wife." I'm very close with his actual wife too, though, but I don't see why people find this weird...