The Life of Bon: NEWS! NEWS! NEWS!

Monday, June 04, 2012


NEWS:  I fear the plants in my windowsill are dying.  At what point do I have to face the fact that they no longer belong among the living?  I have been trying desperately to resurrect them, but to no avail.  In my heart of heart I know they will not live, but I can't just throw them out.  You see, I'm all about symbolism.  And these plants symbolize my ability to take care of, to nurture, to give life to.  And now they're dying.  Which brings up the question, if I can't keep a couple of measly plants alive, how am I ever going to keep a baby alive?  Obviously lack of care for plants equals lack of care for offspring, right?!?!?  So are these dead plants a surefire sign that I am destined to become the world's worst mommy?

And no.  That was not an announcement of any kind. 

IN OTHER NEWS:  Today I was moving my furniture around in my front room.  This had absolutely nothing to do with being creative or crafty or cute.  It had everything to do with pure necessity.  You see, the furniture arrangement in our house is currently so that the couch is in front of the A/C.  Obviously this cannot be for the entirety of the summer, we will die in the sweltering heat.  DIE, I TELL YOU!  While I was moving the furniture around, pushing the entertainment center with my legs, (obviously, it's the only way to move heavy furniture, don't you know?!?) the xbox fell from the top of the entertainment center and landed smack down hard on my foot.  I cussed.  I cried.  And then I hopped around like an idiot.  It hurt.  And it still hurts. 

Looks like I'll have to lay at the pool all day tomorrow recooping.  Ah shoot.

IN OTHER NEWS:  I am eating peanut butter chocolate ice cream out of the carton.  Hubs hates it when I do this, but scooping it into a bowl is such an inconvience, isn't it?!?  Busy ladies like myself cannot be bothered with spoons and bowls, come on!  Plus, he's not home, so what he doesn't know can't hurt him, and isn't that such a great attitude to have in a marriage?

IN OTHER NEWS:  When Tony Parker speaks I go weak in the knees.  I can't help it.  I know he cheated on Eva Longoria, and I know he's a dirty player, flopping all over the place, but oh, that cute little French accent.  Who could resist?!?

IN OTHER NEWS:  I posted two pictures of plants and no pictures of people and that's how you know it's a slow news days on the blog.  But admit it... aren't my houseplants simply fascinating?


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I just found your blog and I am LOVING it. I am a teacher, but I teach elementary school. Your posts about your kiddos are HILARIOUS! ( I may or may not have spent way to much time on your blog. HAH) Thanks for the laughs tonight!

    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  2. haha I found this post very amusing! I'm sorry that your plants are dying, though!

  3. Keeping a child alive is a lot easier than keeping a plant alive. Believe me. I killed so many plants (and fish) before we had kids. And I am happy to say that my children seem to be flourishing despite my inability to keep anything else alive.

  4. hahaha, ok i can't keep plants growing to save my life. a year or so ago i had to grow a freaking plant for my class in the dead of winter, it took me almost the whole freaking semester just to get it to bud, lame.
    also, ahhh its so hot, sadly we don't even have AC, probably going to die.
    that ice cream sounds amazing.


  5. I have two dead flower pots in my house right down. i suck at keeping things alive. and I want some peanut butter chocolate ice cream. I'd eat it from the carton too.

  6. Children are much more vocal than plants when they need food and water, so I think you might be okay.
    I am with you on ice cream straight out of the carton. My flavor is Cherry Garcia.

  7. Umm...then is it wrong or gross that I actually squirt Hershey's syrup straight into the ice-cream carton? My family is NOT pleased when they open it up and still see syrup remains. More for me, I guess.

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself, plants are hard work! ;) I think they will totally turn a corner soon.

  9. Your plants look better than some of mine ;o). Try some plant food and see if that helps

  10. I think you're plants look savable. Give them a little shot of comport or miracle gro and put them outside in the sunshine for an afternoon or two.

  11. Plants and I don't go well together either. But you could try miracle grow or something to see if that can spruce them up :)

  12. For five years I tried growing basil every summer. Sometimes I did seeds, sometimes I got plants from Harmon's. I never got any basil that was usable and I always killed them.

    In other news, my baby has been alive for 14 months.

  13. Bonnie, you are absolutely the cutest!! :) Love this post!! :)