The Life of Bon: CURRENTLY

Wednesday, September 04, 2013



Stressing me out: 
-Adjusting to my new school and the new students.  I love my B days but my A days are a train wreck in progress and I am giving myself ulcers wondering if I will ever settle in like I did at my old school.

- Finding furniture and other missing essentials for our new apartment.  We've had two apartments before but I am over the used unmatching furniture.  I want my apartment to look like a grown up's apartment, not a little kid's apartment!

Making me cry:
- Walking down the hall after lunch today I saw a kid that looked just like one of my favorite students from last year.  My heart ached just a little bit as I thought about him and wondered if I would fall in love with students here the same way I fell in love with my Copper Hills kids.  As I was looking at the kid I couldn't help but think more and more how much he looked like my former student until I realized... IT WAS MY FORMER STUDENT!  Then, I saw standing right next to him another fave student and what do you know?  The two hood rats had broken into my new school and staked out the hallways to find me.  I about dang near burst into tears right there in the hall and I gave them big inappropriate hugs because gosh, I love those students.  We only had but two minutes to chat because a class was waiting for me but they promised to come visit again this time BEFORE lunch so we could chat during lunch together.   They made my whole day. I walked away from those two boys with my heart feeling light and a renewed sense of purpose.  My students at my new school might not love me yet, and I might not love them back yet, but we will.  We will.

The two boys in the middle were my surprise visitors today.  

Addicted to:
- Dirty Diet Cokes from Sonic.  Sonic is right next to my school and drinks are half off between 2-4, my, how perfect!  I stop every day for $1.25 diet coke with lime and coconut to my heart's content.  It's a good life.

Making me laugh:
A student's answer on The Crucible study guide.
My question:
"How does your knowledge of the setting, time period, and the lives of the Puritans help you understand the way these characters are acting?  How do you see their circumstances reflected in their character?"
His answer:
"From what I understand they are all crazy."

-Life of Pi (trying to be ready for Friday's book club!)
- Bloom (by blogger Kelle Hampton.  I don't love the book so far.)
- Why Men Marry B****es.  (At the suggestion of my cousin.  Still trying to figure out if she is sending me a hint.)

-Greg's pleas for a puppy.  We miss Buddy at my mom's house and Greg is begging for a pup of his own.  I won't have a dog that sheds and our apartment makes us pay an extra $50 month for a dog so I hardly think it's worth it.  Still though, I miss having a dog excited to see me when I come home and someone to go on long walks with me while I clear my head.  Is it worth it?

- My sister in Germany.  I'm tired of her not living in this country.  Today for a blessed minute I caught her on facebook chat in between fifth and sixth period and we gabbed for a minute before I had to go.  She is 8 hours ahead of me so you can imagine that by the time I get home from work at 4 pm our window to chat is over.
- My little sister.  She is dating a boy quite seriously so... you know.  I never see her anymore.  Mary, answer my texts to play tennis already!  I miss you!  (Think the public calling out will work?)

- Blogging.  The past few weeks I have re fallen in love with blogging and find myself bursting with things to write about.  All writing block is temporarily out the window and I am loving coming to this space every day to check in, read comments, and interact with readers.  Thank you all so much for reading- the community here is amazing!

- A nap....And a nap I shall get!  


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  1. Your school doesn't block facebook? or have you found a way around it!?

  2. A dog is definitely worth it! They bring such joy and unconditional love! One thing I ask if you do decide to get one - adopt, don't shop! Save a life from a shelter. Rescue dogs are the best, they truly appreciate the second chance they're given and will love you wholly and forever!

  3. I have a Sonic next to my school as well! There is no hope for me, limeades every day!

  4. I just read Bloom. I liked it...minus the 2nd half of the book.

  5. Get a puppy!!! You will not regret it!! I have a cute little bichon poodle, no shedding here :)

  6. I, too, vote for the puppy idea! We have to pay an extra amount every month for "pet rent" since we live in an apartment, but our dog, Rory, is so worth it! She is definitely more like a family member than a pet and I couldn't imagine life without her now. (She's currently snuggled up next to me on the bed as I type this, haha.)

  7. I LOVED bloom. Curious as to why you aren't liking it at this point? thats so awesome that one of your former students came to visit you! I bet that was awesome! and I have never been to Sonic. we don't have those out here where I live. oh well. I guess I will just have to go find one and go there sometime.

  8. So cute that your students from last year surprised you! That is incredibly aforable! As for a puppy...they are a lot of work and a lot of money but soo soo worth it

  9. that is so nice of your students to do that for you! awesome! means you've been a very good teacher, hah! :)
    I just came by from Jenni's - absolutely loved your post for 'Blogging Tips' ! May I share that on my blog this week? :)p I've got a topic - 'Tips for You', so thought that might work very well!
    And thanks for them! They're awesome! You Rock, Bonnie! :)

  10. I can't tell you how happy I am that you've re-discovered your love of blogging. I was worried you'd leave!

    I don't blog very much but I love reading them, especially yours. My best friend is a teacher, and I like being able to get some insight into the world of teaching so I can understand her more! Haha. We love to talk about your teaching stories!

  11. So, we were "supposed" to pay extra when we got our dog, but we kind of just didn't tell anyone ("supposed" to pay a $450 extra deposit as well, but that surely didn't happen either). But, I did feel bad about being dishonest...although we moved out of our apartment into our house about 4 months later, so I didn't feel too bad. Good for you though for thinking about it though--we love our goldendoodle to pieces, but raising a puppy is a lot of work. It's basically like having a small child (kind of, although I wouldn't really know since I don't have children).

  12. Probably everyone else will disagree with me here, but...don't get the puppy. Not until you're really, really ready to walk it outside to pee all the time, take it on long walks, and throw a frisbee/ball/anything edible for it in the park every day. They need more than hugs and kisses, you know?

    On another note: Just out of curiosity, have any of your kids every found your blog? That would be hilarious if your Crucible kid found his/her answer posted online. Love the answer!

  13. It is TOTALLY worth having a dog to come home to. This is coming from the owner of a 5 year old dachshund that I'm just now trying to train NOT to sleep in the bed with me.

    I would say that if I had to get another dog right now, I totally would, BUT I would not get a puppy. Puppies are difficult to deal with at first, and I'm just not ready for that. My husband, Gatsby (dog), and I have a routine that works, and I don't need a puppy messing that up!

    Side note: I always think it is SO crazy that apartments charge more per month if you have a dog. I understand pet deposits and all of that, but an increase in rent does not make any sense. It's like they're assuming your animal will cause an extra $50 of damage every month you're there, which is not a certainty by any means, so you're just throwing money away. But dogs are great! :)

  14. Hi Bonnie! I'm stopping by from Jenni's blog and I wanted to let you know I truly enjoyed your guest post! I'm gonna grab my morning smoothie and peruse through the rest of your blog now! :)


  15. I'm stopping by from The Story of My Life and loved your blogging tips. I've been blogging almost 6 yrs and well...I have a small readership. I have got to start taking this thing seriously! Thanks for the tips. I'm gonna use them.

    I also came for more pics of the ginger with his shirt off ;)

  16. Awwwww. Your visitors might have kinda brought tears to my eyes. Just... seriously, I get why some people don' tlike teenagers, but on the other hand I don't understand why people don't like teenagers. When you give them the chance, they're amazing.

    And I vote for the dog! I have an apartment and it's a lot more work, but I wouldn't trade my dog Bandit for anything.

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  17. I just spent the good portion of the hour perusing through your words and stories. I found you off the guest post you did at "story of my life" blog. Love. your. blog. Sorry for the sentence fragments; you make me miss my high school english teacher. I did my work, did well on tests, heckled him every single day and he still gave me an A.

  18. totally get the wanting new 'grown up' furniture. just do a little at a time - one (or two) new piece(s) a month. totally doable. and put it on a store credit card that has no interest for like 6 months or something if need be to help get it paid off easier and less stressfully (not a word..?).

    and YES - a pup is totally worth it :)

  19. I'm currently: loving and laughing at every post. Love the reads, bon - keep it up!

  20. I'm new 'round these parts, but I dare say I'm hooked on your blog!

  21. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Wow! Our school is so tight with security and hardly lets anyone in! Can't believe kids from another school got in... that's cool that they can come see you!

  22. So it's almost 1:30, and I am thinking about you and your class :) From one teacher to another, I hope today is better, and that tomorrow is better still.

  23. Oh my goodness, I'm new here but I love this idea for a blog post! Great way to share info with each other. I am also addicted to sonic but I have not heard of a dirty diet coke...I may have to try it though. I love coke...I love coconut, it makes sense.

    (leopard headwrap giveaway today!)

  24. Stopping by from Jenni's blog. I've spent the last hour perusing your blog and love it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips too. :)

  25. Aww your past students sound so sweet!

  26. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I'm glad you got a visit from your former students. I used to love going back to visit my former teachers - there were a few from middle and high school that made a major impact, although two of them lost battles with cancer and I didn't get to go back and see them.

  27. get a puppy!!! do it! i have been wanting one for ages but they are never allowed at our apartments. so awful. they are such a good stress relief. and they help postpone the want of children haha

  28. Life of Pi was such a good book. I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard its good too. You and your blog are so cute, and I found you via Story of My Life. Newest follower via Bloglovin'! Happy Thursday!

    A Silver Snapshot

  29. you are TOO MUCH!!
    so glad I found you thru Jenni.
    Even took some of your blog advice today ;)
    thanks for that.

  30. Anonymous5:14 PM

    That's so sweet that some kids came to visit you! That means that you really touched them as an educator :) And I think you should adopt a puppy...they solve everything!

  31. would have had me hooked just by the blogging tips and John Steinbeck quote (how good is East of Eden??!) and then you just NAILED it with that "Why blogs suck" post. I just couldn't tear my eyes away as I can't remember the last time I've read something that sounded like someone was breaking and entering into my brain and transporting all of the thoughts onto the page! I mean, seriously! I HATE it when I feel like bloggers are no longer being genuine, transparent, honest, true-to-themselves, etc. I also cringe when people are obsessed with drinking, puppies or their significant other's every move, poop or sneeze. You just NAILED it. You gained a new follower.:)

    p.s. Found you through this #blogtember madness, and the guest post on story of my life!

  32. P.P.S. I almost forgot, the other thing that would have sold me on your blog (if there weren't so many other things) is that we both married redheads! OK that's all, enough stalking for one night.

  33. We have a Sonic dangerously close to our house as well. We are OBSESSED with Vanilla Diet Cokes and get them every Thursday and about a million on the weekend. I say we could worse vices than $1.25 Diet Coke.

  34. How super sweet that your former 2 students came to see you!! :) I know you WILL get there with your new students.

  35. How super sweet that your former 2 students came to see you!! :) I know you WILL get there with your new students.