The Life of Bon: We've stooped so low.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

We've stooped so low.

I can't much figure out what is with the world these days.

After getting scammed out of $1,100 this summer I felt like the whole world was out to get me.

Last night that feeling returned.

Greg and I went to the high school's homecoming football game.  Football's kind of a big deal at my new school- they were the state champions last year and our quarterback is semi famous.  He's only a junior, but has already signed for college and is predicted to go pro.  I've never been at a school with a decent football team (My alma mater, Carbon High, couldn't catch a football to save its lives and Copper Hills... well, let's just not go there.)  So Greg and I grabbed our favorite blanket and declared, "Let's go watch a winning football team!"

We didn't show up until second quarter (really, who can watch an entire football game?) so we threw our blanket down and got cozy.  At half time we went across the street to eat at Chic-fil-et.  By the time we got back the fourth quarter was well under way and the stands were clearing out as we were losing by 30 points.  What?  State champs losing by 30 points?!?  This is preposterous!

Greg and I went back to our spot to discover, much to our dismay, that our blanket was missing.

We turned to the family sitting in back of us, "Uh... did you see what happened to that little fleece blanket we were sitting on?"

"The green one?"

"Yah... the one we were sitting on during the first half."

"That lady that was sitting next to you picked it up and took it with her when she left."

"How long ago did she leave?"

"Oh, probably ten minutes ago, at least."

I was dumbfounded.  I had been sitting next to a total stranger, and she had taken it upon herself to take off with our blanket.  It wasn't an expensive blanket, it was just fleece tied together, but it was important to me because it was a wedding gift from my aunt.  In the corner she had sewn in "Bonnie and Greg, March 12, 2011."  Now tell me, ladies, why in the world would anyone else want a blanket with my name and my husband's name and my anniversary embroidered on it?

When we got scammed out of $1,100 this summer I was shocked because of how "big" we had lost.  Someone had really stolen that much from us.  Last night I was shocked because of how "little" we had lost.  Someone had really stolen something that little?! A FLEECE BLANKET!  Worth not even $5?!  I don't know what is worse, that our society has stooped so low to steal so much, and that our society has stooped so low to steal so little.

Will someone please explain to me why a grown lady at a football game takes off with a fleece blanket that is not her own?  I'm giving up on humanity!


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  1. People are seriously crazy. I can't believe someone would steal your cute little wedding blanket.

  2. Do you think that she thought you left it on accident and she took it to lost and found?

  3. I was thinking along the lines of Kimberly - hoping maybe she tried to turn it in or return it?

  4. Maybe she took it to make sure it got back to you, with it having your name on it and all. That would be my first thought...

  5. What the hell?! People are just ridiculous. I can imagine that after having so much money stolen from you before, this was like a cherry on top. It sickens me that people cannot be trusted because they'll do something as ridiculous as stealing a blanket.

  6. Ugh...I dislike people like that! Maybe by a stroke of luck this lady will see you are a teacher at the school and return it.

  7. My first thought it that she thought you left the blanket accidentally and took it to lost and found..

  8. I would ask at school on Monday, maybe she was actually helping and not stealing? Especially if your name and wedding date are on it, she may think it was even more special to you than just a $5 blanket, which it is :) I hope that you find it and I truly hope that it restores just a tiny bit of your trust in others. It is so lame to be scammed and stolen from, and it does sometimes feel like the world is out to get us...keep your chin up Bon!

  9. thats so lame!! I am so sorry that happened! and you got married 2 days before my birthday!

  10. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Story to hear about your streak of bad luck. It is totally shameful that someone would steal your blanket.

  11. WHHAAAA? A blanket? What was she thinking? I mean, if someone steals a thing, there would be a valid reason but a stealing a blanket is a shame!

  12. I really really hope that she took it thinking you had somehow left it behind and that she is planning to return it.
    Sentimental gifts being stolen hurt the most! I am so sorry!

    PS: I discovered your blog from your guest post over at Jenni - The Story of my Life. I will now be a regular reader! :-)

  13. I'm hoping she took it thinking you had left it behind and is going to try and get it to you. Maybe that's me trying to believe the best about people.

  14. OK, do you know she stole it, as opposed to thinking you'd abandoned it?

    I mean....if I were at a football game, and the couple next to me got up and walked away, I would assume after they'd been gone 15-20 minutes that they forgot their blanket. I'd pick it up, and bring it with me to the next game, in case they were there, to return it.

  15. I wonder how the football feels.................ok yeah footballs have no feeling silly

  16. That just really sucks!! I'd be so upset because of the sentimental value of it. I really hope it was an accident-not that it helps you any-but I just hate to think people would be mean enough to do something like that.

  17. Maybe, just maybe, she took it by accident... and maybe she will discover your names and try to find you!