The Life of Bon: ANNOUNCEMENT: An announcement

Monday, September 16, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: An announcement


Wow.  I like starting posts with FYI.  I mean, was that powerful or what?!?

So here's my FYI... I know this is two giveaways right smack dab in the middle.  But I'm not doing any giveaways in October so it makes up for it.  In fact, in October I am participating in "No Sponsor October" which is something I just made up myself right this second.  It basically means I want to take my blog back to the basics this next month and focus on just writing.  I am exhausted with the high demands of my job and my blog so I'm going to just take a bit of a step for October, let the blog be just writing like it was in the good old days, and let you folk enjoy some commercial free programming.  Or something.  My sponsorship program will be up and running again in November, good as always- I just needed to break for a bit so that is what you will get in October.

That being said I will still be doing sidebar ads.  Just sidebar ads.  No giveaways no twitter shout outs no guest posts, just a button on the side that clicks through to your bloggy blog.  Sidebar ads are $7 for a 200 x 200 ad for the entire month.  I'm averaging 75,000 pageviews a month because I know you want to know that before you fork over $7.  I don't blame you.  I'd wanna know too.  If you are interested in the seven dollar special email me at and we'll get it set up for you.  Other than that, enter this awesome giveaway ($75 to Sephora, two books, and $30 to Barnes and Noble just to name a few prizes.  It's a pretty smary girl's dream!) and get ready for a few weeks of all Bon all the time on the blog!


$50 Sephora Gift Card
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$15 Target Gift Card

$30 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

"101 Secrets For Your Twenties" by Paul Angone

A copy of East of Eden, These Is My Words, or  A Homemade Life

$20 gift card to Hope's Boutique
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  1. I think you have the wrong link for the video.
    Saw it on youtube and it really has some heart melting stuff going on.
    I'm happy things are going good for you! ^-^

  2. High five that things are going well. That's awesome! Yay for good days :)

  3. I like this version of the sponsor stuff- makes things more personal!

  4. Love that story about your student...just goes to show that you can reach someone without even knowing it! Ive been on a blogging hiatus the past couple of months, but something about your posts the past couple of days have made me want to rejoin the land of the blogging! Love everything you write!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to spotlight us. Off to visit the others now. :)

  6. The stories about your students crack me up, Bonnie!

  7. Thanks so much for this Bonnie! So great! Can't wait to read about the other ladies! =)

  8. That's so exciting about your students! Yay!

  9. I enjoy reading your blog sooo much! I just started getting serious about my own blog...and I have a question. I teach English at a community college and deal with very frustrating behavior sometimes. Ex: a girl, who complains about everything and tells me how mean I've gotten since I got married, showed up thirty minutes late for the final exam and then proceeded to eat her very stinky and crunchy Taco Bell before she started her test. I'd really like to blog about these things, but I'm paranoid my students would see it and I would get fired or something! haha!! But, I LOVE THE HONESTY OF YOUR BLOG , and I'm sure all teachers who read it do. Have you ever got into trouble for sharing these stories?

  10. You can totally hear how happy you are in the way you wrote this. Your happy voice totally shines through :)

    Thanks for the reading!