The Life of Bon: I Believe: Part II

Sunday, September 08, 2013

I Believe: Part II

Last September I wrote one of my favorite posts, "I Believe"  based off a link up idea that Erin had.  I re read it about once a month because it feels me with a certain peace and contentment for this life I'm living.  It allows me to step back and realize how beautiful my world is, despite the day to day inconveniences and trivial nuisances

So today I decided to do a sequel.  A part II, if you will...


I believe in teenagers and their incredible brilliance and wit.  I believe that they are more than capable of becoming strong leaders for our country.

I believe that people are mean because of their own issues in their life.  I believe that deep down people want to be kind, but they feel threatened or scared or insecure or hurt so they act mean to protect themselves.  Underneath it all, I believe people are kind and good.

I believe in screwing dinner and calling for pizza when you're tired.

I believe in April Fools Day.

I believe in paying people back promptly and not taking advantage of others' kindness.

I believe in wrapping up in a blanket on a rainy day and reading and reading and dozing off a little and then waking up to read some more.

I believe in traveling and seeing the world.  I believe in seeing beautiful and rich countries and spoiling yourself, but I also believe in visiting third world countries and coming back with a deeper gratitude for how incredibly lucky we are to live the way we do.

I believe in our right to choose.  I believe in a God that loves us enough to give us the gift of agency- to allow us to struggle and decide on what we want for our lives.

I believe in inviting people over for dinner and the ability of a big meal to bring even the most different of people together.

I believe in marriage and the beauty of having someone to share your life with.  I believe in laughing and going on vacations and making dinner and playing games and cleaning out the garage and watching late night movies with your spouse.

I believe in sleeping in until noon whenever possible.  Might be once a week or it might be once a year, but when you can sleep in until noon, I believe you do it!

I believe in summer thunderstorms.

I believe in always using the right form of your/you're.

I believe in doing things that scare you.

I believe in holding warm clothes fresh out of the dryer right to your face and holding and smelling until the warmth is gone.

I believe in saying yes whenever possible.

I believe in never denying yourself a dirty diet coke from Sonic.

I believe in friendship and girls' trips and maintaining relationships with girlfriends because you need them and their strength in your life more than you know.

I believe in babies and children and families, and I pray that I will always have a life filled to the brim with family.

I believe it is a sin if you let a Halloween pass you by without dressing up.

I believe in laughing so hard you snort.

I believe in bubble baths and afternoon naps.

I believe in dogs and their ability to love unconditionally.  I believe that a dog can be part of a family and that a relationship with a dog can do wonders for the soul.

I believe in being silly and goofy and throwing away all your inhibitions and finding the people in life with whom you can be totally and 100% yourself.

I believe in karma and that when you do good in the world, it somehow comes back to you.  Might not be the person you were thinking or the time you were thinking, but I believe that good always makes its way back.

I believe in getting outside and enjoying the beautiful world that God gave us.  I believe in Sunday night walks and playing tennis and going hiking and spending time with nature.

I believe in the Golden Rule.  I believe in charity and kindness and love and I believe that when you're not feeling those things you need to eat a good meal and go to sleep and everything will be better in the morning.

It always is.


  1. :) This is simple and wonderful and it made me smile.

    And I believe in that.

  2. I love this. Thank you. I needed it.
    Our Fairy Tale

  3. Love this! Such a fan of your writing.

  4. So many great things to believe in!! Thank you for sharing!! Love you Bonnie! :)

  5. I really really love this and I want to do a post like this now. Thank you for a wonderful post and a great idea :)

  6. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Love this idea. It is so simple and honest and amazing. What are we really but the sum of all the things we believe. This is a great list.

  7. Love this post! :)

  8. What a gorgeous list of beliefs! High five on loads of them, but especially the belly laughing till you snort. Ha! :)

  9. Such a great post! I work with teenagers and love it!

  10. I believe that you're an amazing person.

  11. What was going on with that door?? This list is beautifully written. And I just have to tell you that I read it right before I went to bed last night and then you may have been in my dream. You lived in England and we ate gelato and none of it made sense.

  12. Yes, yes and yes! I hope you woke up this morning smiling. This world causes a lot of pain, but the reminder of our eternal life should remind us to smile!

  13. This is a great post!! Love it.

    And do you know who your husband reminds me of, especially in the last photo? "The Swede" character in "Hell on Wheels." Look it up!

  14. Your costumes are amazingly awesome!

  15. This was one of my faaaavorite link ups! I love these! :)

  16. I love this post! I just found your blog recently and the "I Believe" list tells me a lot about you. I really appreciate your point on people wanting to be, in their hearts, kind and good, even when for whatever reason they act otherwise.

    Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion

  17. Can't tell ya how much I LOVE this post. It takes a certain kind of person to "believe" in teenagers some days ;)

    Golden rule and karma...yes and yes!

  18. Beautiful post! LOVE this! thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Yes, Karma! Husband and I were just talking about that yesterday and how important it can be:)