The Life of Bon: The end of an era: Goodbye to Laughing Matters

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The end of an era: Goodbye to Laughing Matters

I'm real proud of Greg.

Tonight is his very last show with his comedy group, Laughing Matters.  I feel like now would be a good time to let it be known that Laughing Matters was given a cease and desist (is that the right term?!?) on the name Laughing Matters because someone else owns the legal rights to the name.  So now they changed the name to Dr. Yes.  But I can never call it Dr. Yes because it feels like a fake name for the group, just like if Greg told me his name was now Brad he would still always be Greg to me.  So on this blog the group shall be forever known as Laughing Matters!  Screw the Cease and Desist!

I suppose I have a soft spot in my heart for the comedy group because both Laughing Matters and I entered Greg's life at the same time.  Rumor on the street is that he even flaked out on the other three members for their very first LM meeting because our first date was going a little long.  Can you believe it?  First date and first LM meeting on the same night?  Certainly, it was fate.

As Greg's commitment to Laughing Matters progressed, so did his commitment to me.  They started doing shows more and more often, he got more serious with me.  About the time we decided to tie the know, Greg started making money off of the shows.  COINCIDENCE?  I think not!  We've been together for three years now, and Laughing Matters has always been there for us.

I guess that's why I'm kind of sad that the LM days are coming to an end.  I almost feel like if Laughing Matters is going to be over than certainly our marriage is headed out the door too, right?  Of course this is completely irrational, but still.  I can't help but mourn the end of this chapter for him.

I don't usually direct things specifically to Greg on this blog.  Or ever.  So tonight will be a first for all of us, and it might be weird, but whatever.  Go with it.

Greg I'm so proud of all the hard work you put into your theatrical pursuits.  You inspire me to be a more creative and passionate person.  You've got an insane work ethic and so many brilliant ideas.  I love watching you on stage and you make me laugh for days and days.  Good luck tonight!

Was that too weird?  Yes, I think so too.

Greg's on the right.  A glimpse of what our future daughters will look like?

For your rest of your entertaining pleasure I've got Helene on the bloggy blog today.  Her blog is pretty much a gold mine.  I love reading her posts because most of them manage to be my three favorite things all in one: short, witty, hilarious. I especially love this post on 10 things that are more important than the new iPhone.  Although I have to say I only agree that some of the things are more important, others, definitely less so.  Take it away Helene!
Hi Life of Bon readers I'm Helene and I blog over at Helene in Between. I have always admired Bonnie because she's been able to establish her voice in a the very chaotic land of blogging. Although I'm not a teacher I have learned a lot about blogging and what it means to find your own voice. I love reading her take on the world of blogging, so I thought I'd give you mine. 

In real life, I usually fit in. That's not at all to say I'm popular. I have just been lucky to have an outgoing personality, wonderful parents and a great group of friends. But with blogging, it's been a bit different. 

When I first started out blogging I thought I needed a niche. I struggled with that so much I gave up blogging and came back two years later. I decided to just be myself. Not a fashion blogger, or a mommy blogger (no kids for a while at least for my husband and me) or a DIY blogger. 
I began small. talking about my life. What I found of interest or funny or anything that I could relate to my life.

And you know what? That was more successful than anything I did before. People actually read. Even commented.  The weeks that I carved out just trying to mold my blog into what other would read meant nothing if I was being unauthentic.

So here's what I've learned about fitting in with blog land:

- Quality over quantity. You don't have to post every day. Every other day. Etc. Post when you feel like you want to.
-Stop saying you're sorry for not posting yesterday. The only person that cares is your mother. And that's just a maybe.
-You don't have to post about what everyone else is posting about. If you post about something different it might actually bring more people to your blog.
- People will judge you no matter what you say. Not everyone's going to love you. It's hard but it's true.
-Your most popular posts might be ones you thought would be the least popular.
-And lastly, find your voice.
This is broad but try and find what you actually enjoy writing about. Then blogging no longer becomes a chore, but a passion.

Thanks for letting me take over the blog today Bonnie!

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  1. I am pretty sure I went on a date with the guy with the blonde with a long time ago. And I'm also pretty sure the guy in the other ginger wig was our waiter on said date.

  2. Your husband seems like he is really hilarious and talented. And I love Helene, her blog is so great and she is so adorable!

  3. I love that Greg is an actor. Cause I am too! Kinda... as in I studied theatre in college and have been on stage since I was six, but don't do it professionally. I just do community stuff. (Just got casted in Night of the Living Dead. YAY!) It definitely makes life interested. I wish I could see him act! But in a totally non-creepy-stalker way.

  4. Ok, maybe I'm really thick, but I'm not sure I'm clear... is Greg leaving the group, or is it just that the group is changing its name, so he's no longer part of Laughing Matters because it's now Dr. Yes?
    And of course, you know this blog post is worthless without video clips of their show, right?

    Hello Helene! I really liked your learned lessons! I agree with all of them!

  5. Great advice Helene! I always find myself feeling a little pressure but then on days like today I just write until my words can't stop themselves from tumbling out and then I hit publish and it feels so good!

  6. THIS: "Stop saying you're sorry for not posting yesterday. The only person that cares is your mother. And that's just a maybe." I throw random shout outs to my dad in my blog posts lol.

  7. great post! so fun to see those pictures!

  8. These are CLASSIC Greg pictures. I love them! So he's still part of Dr. Yes, right?