The Life of Bon: Perspective

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Last night Greg's parents took us to a baseball game.  The day had been rain rain rainy and then somehow at 4:00 the rain vanished and the sun came out.  We were left with a bit of a chill in the air- for the first time in months!- and by golly, it felt like an autumn night.

At the game I saw one of my former students from Copper Hills.  She was in crazily rowdy sophomore class of mine.  It was a class full of best friends and cheerleaders and jocks and the truth is they were all quite rude to each other and to me.  I don't much get involved in high school drama, but sometimes you can't help but feel their high school tension, no matter how hard you try.  The students would make faces at each other while I was lecturing, they were never on task when I gave them independent work time, and they were nightmares every time I had a sub.

And yet, when I told them at the end of the year that I was leaving, they practically threw a riot.  A group of the most difficult "mean girls" accosted me after class, "You can't leave!  We won't allow it!  You have to teach us junior year!"

There's a lesson in that somewhere although I can't quite put it into words.  It was weird to see that former student last night and miss her and that class regardless of the hell they put me through.  I guess our memories have a way of becoming only positive with time.  When I look at Copper Hills now I remember my favorite classes, the lessons that went off without a hitch, that students whom I loved deeply.  I forget that it wasn't all rainbows and roses.

And most importantly, even though I certainly struggled with that class the whole year through, by the end of the year we did love each other.  We came together at the end, despite the drama and tension.  I needed that last night.  I needed to remember that I've only had four weeks with the students at my new school and it takes a lot more than that to know your students.  I needed to remember that kids can love my class and appreciate my teaching but in the same breath not do their work or be disruptive in class.  I needed to remember to be patient with my new tikes.  I'll love them just the same as my Copper Hills students- it just takes time.

+ Your emails and sweet comments on yesterday's post literally had me in tears.  What a terrific and loving group of readers you are.
+ Going up to my cabin to enjoy some R & R next weekend.  I can't wait. (Favorite cabin trips here and here and here.)
+ Had a long talk with my best friend, Akasha, this week and felt uplifted and connected and all those things friends make you feel.  So grateful for good friends in my life.
+ My little sister is engaged!  EEK!  More details to come!
+  My older sister started a blog on everything she' like to do with her kids before they are grown.  Perfect for you moms out there.  She's a terrific writer.


  1. Wait I swear your sister got home from her mission like a few months ago haha!

    Also, isn't it crazy how we really do seem to turn memories into either really great or really bad ones? Your new students will grow on you and will love you just the same!

  2. I don't usually "bond" with my students until October or November. By April and towards May, I always say, "This is the best group I've ever had!" :) You are right; it takes time.

  3. so fun that you saw your old student at a game!

  4. Bonnie---what a sweetheart you are!

  5. Oh---and by the way, teaching high school sounds so much like raising children. Maybe I just need to tell my kids that I'm going to another family.