The Life of Bon: A post in which I whine a lot.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A post in which I whine a lot.

Yesterday went like this.

First we called apartments to schedule appointments.

Then we went back to apartment that denied us for my deposit.  I begged again to let them let me live there.  They said no.

Next we stopped by a complex that told us could we tour an apartment that afternoon.  When we arrived, though the office management then told us they had absolutely nothing for us to look at and no apartments available until at least September 14.  They said this with sass.

Upon walking out to the car Hubs asked, "Is it like a rule that you have to treat people like that in this business?" 

And I said maybe.

We stopped at another possible complex where the woman told us that although rent was $800 a month, every tenant must pay $95 for cable, internet and a landline.  THEN they must pay water, electric, gas, etc, putting us well over $1000 a month for a one bedroom apartment.

We said thanks but no thanks.

Which begs the questions:  Do people still use landlines?

Next it was driving around looking for complexes that were close to the freeway all in order to ease my commute once school starts again.  One place looked especially nice. 

We went in for more information.  It was $140,000 for a townhouse.  Oops.  We're not exactly in the market to buy.

Then it was home to pack and look for boxes so that we can move all of our stuff to where exactly?

It might've been around this point that I had a bit of a breakdown.


I might've handled it all without breaking a sweat- like the true champ that I am.

You choose which one you prefer.

This morning involved a humble call to my mom.  When I originally told her about the apartment debacle she immediately offered up her basement.  "You can always stay here until you find a place!"  And so I asked, "Mom?  Can Greg and I stay with you until we find an apartment?"  To which she replied, "Of course you can.  I already have the basement ready for you.  I can be over to help you move at 3:00."

To which I was overwhelmed at her goodness.

Next I called the first apartment complex back and begged one last time.  I'm normally not so needy, but this apartment was absolutely perfect for our needs.  The best location possible for us and had everything you could want in an adorable two bedroom apartment...

The lady told me if there were three people living in the apartment the income restriction would be higher and we would qualify.  To which she asked, "You're sure you're not pregnant?  Because if you were pregnant it could work."

To which I was sorely tempted to lie.

I hung up the phone and took it up with Hubs,

"Can I lie and say I'm pregnant so we can move into that apartment complex?"

He shooked his head.

"Do I just have to accept that there's a reason we're not supposed to live there and everything is going to work itself out?"

He nodded his head and held out his arms for me to come give him a hug.

I'll tell you folks this much...

It's a good thing Hubs is more honest than I am or else I would currently be staging a pregnancy and moving into the most perfect apartment ever.

See you at my mom's house?


  1. Oh Bonnie,

    It'll work out. I bet you'll find an even better place soon and you can celebrate to your hearts content.

    At least in the mean time... free rent?


  2. i wanted to cry when your mom told you she had the basement ready for you and would help you at 3. that's an amazing mother. i'm sooooo very sorry.
    but seriously you'll look back at this and be like "dang i'm so glad we didnt move there or else we wouldnt have met these awesome next door neighbors that gave us a delicious pie recipe that i handed down to my grandchildren!"

  3. Won't lie, whether it's because I 'm just super emotional as it is or I am just super touched by things like that, but I loved that your mom offered to have you guys stay in her basement! Everything will work out! You guys got this!

  4. I would give my left leg to move back in with my parents. No joke. But my parent's basement smells like must :( and I'm pretty sure theres a 24/7 gas leak going on down there... Still tho... If the opportunity came up...

  5. Moms are just great arent they, We had to move in with my Dad before we found our ideal place ( and I was pregnant) - it'll work out :) X

  6. Haha! I don't usually show my husband blog posts, but I showed him this one! I would have staged the pregnancy but my husband would have done the same thing as your hubby! Too funny!

  7. Oh, Mrs. Bonnie - you'll find the perfect place at the right time. This one wasn't it... it's wonderful that your momma is so sweet.

  8. I would have lied. And my hubs would've went along with it. Glad you at least temporarily have somewhere to go. And we still have a landline. We have to for our alarm system.

  9. Awww . . . Your mom sure sounds nice! Hope y'all find an apartment soon! My dad's a real estate agent, so I know how hard it can be to find a place that works for you and is affordable. Don't give up!!

  10. Goodness I would of totally said I was pregnant and pushed my belly out. I wish you the best of luck :)

  11. Lying that you're pregnant just to get an apartment? I would totally do that.

    I wouldn't judge you.

    :) but glad you will be able to stay with your mums.

  12. Thank God for mums :-) You know, living in her basement will save you a butt load of money ;-)

  13. I had to go through a whole ordeal of signing paperwork saying I was going to quit my job after my daughter was born because even with three people we didn't meet the income restrictions, which is ridiculous. At least you guys have your mom's, but I hope you find something soon!

  14. Yay for moms! :)

    Also, I've learned not to rent apartments when the people are rude to me signing up. If they're not nice to you when they're trying to convince you how awesome their complex is, they're going to be nightmares when your faucet breaks or your upstairs neighbor lets their kids and dogs treat the floor like a trampoline at 3 AM every day.

    Good luck! Also, sorry about your fake pregnancy. What a bummer. lol

  15. Wow, I had no idea apartment building owners could be so snarky!
    On a positive note, I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You can read more about it here:
    I hope you check it out! And good luck in your apartment search!

  16. I'm so sorry for your bad day! Thank goodness you have a supportive mom and that will help you out. You'll find something even better than what you wanted, have patience and faith in that :)

  17. I would so be worried that if I lied then it would come back to haunt me...but I would seriously want to! Just be patient, it will happen...I recently spent 1 whole year looking for a house to buy. and in the meantime, I lived in preacher apartments, yes really, dorm apartments for students in a preacher school. No drinking, no boyfriend (now my husband) overnights {totally broke the rules on that one}, no much of anything!

    but it all worked out for me and now I am in the perfect house so I'm sure it will work out for you too! in the meantime, at least you have the basement. :)

  18. I don't understand why the apartment would require three people to live there? That's odd, right?

    And no, I don't use a landline. I paid for one as soon as I bought my condo because I don't get good cell phone reception at my house. But the only calls I got were from debt collectors looking for whoever had the line before me. I disconnected it after about two months. I only think its good if you have children in school or family oversees. But why in the world would the apartment company require you to have a landline, cable AND internet? All three of those really are luxuries that not everyone has. So weird. Best of luck to you. I lived with my mom for a long time. It works fine for a while.

  19. I still use a land line.

    I'm old school like that.

  20. Nothing is more stressful than moving. Ugh. It sucks. SUCKS. Just dealing with anything related to housing is enough to give you a drinking problem.

    So, if you don't have one, you need to pat yourself on the back and print yourself a certificate.

    And if you do have a drinking problem, you should be my mentor while I work on mine.

  21. Looks like lots of transitions! Wishing you well!