The Life of Bon: Miss Utah Latina

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miss Utah Latina

Yesterday I was feeling a little bit down.

I was just being real cranky.  I snapped at Hubs for no reason, I laid around feeling like a lazy bum, and I felt absolutely and totally useless in the world.  I stared at my computer screen for 20 minutes but couldn't think of a darn thing to write, so I missed my daily blog post.

Yes, this is a pic my brother took of my while I was sleeping.
He's a jerk for taking it.
I'm awesome for exploiting it on my blog.

I tried to figure out what was going on in this little head of Bon Bon's.  Why the sudden moodiness?  Deep in thought, I figured out a few things that may be contributing to my case of temporary grumps:

- I feel very much so in a state of limbo right now.  Teaching hasn't started but our painting job has ended, meaning I've got a couple of weeks of dead time.  I would love to go on a little vacation or do something fun with this window of time, but Hubs has rehearsals every night, meaning we're stuck here.  I feel totally unproductive and lame.

-I also feel in limbo as far as the living situation goes.  I need to have my own space and be independent.  While I am insanely grateful to my mom for letting us crash her basement, I also feel an urgency to find an apartment.  There hasn't been anything that fits our needs.  My sis-in-law texted yesterday and said there was a great apartment at a cheap price available... The problem is it's about five miles further from my school than I wanted.  I'm already looking at a 40 minute commute... I don't want to make it 50 minutes.  It might be only ten minutes, but that's ten minutes twice a day, five days a week.  Am I being too picky?  Should I just give up on some of my expectations for a living space?

-I've been frustrated with unhelpful apartment owners.  I emailed one guy two days ago (no phone number was available) about when the townhouse he had advertised would be available.  I got an email back, "It isn't available yet."   Umm... okay.  So when exactly WILL the apartment be available?  I think this guy needs to get hired on as world's most helpful person, whaddya think?

-Yesterday I paid $1500 for tuition (Hubs' last semester, HALLELUJAH!) $200 for a plane ticket, and another $100 on my car.  Spending money makes me kinda grumpy.  Spending A LOT of money  makes me think about becoming a serial killer.

-I've got a lot of big goals for this bloggy blog of mine and it's been frustrating to not see them pan out as I had hoped.  I lack patience, and I struggle comparing myself to other bloggers.  When I first started blogging consistently, I found the most successful blogger I've seen and tried to match her in all of her accomplishments.  Might not have been my best idea.  Now I find myself frustrated and demanding more from the blog instead of being happy at the wonderful accomplishments its already made.  I know comparison is bad- I know each person, each writing style, each blog is unique and that you can't possible try to compare them all.  But I struggle with it nonetheless. (And while we're on the topic, nonetheless is totally one of the coolest words ever.  Use it in daily conversation and feel like a vocabulary master!)

-In relation to the blog, I've been trying for about a month to sponsor Sydney at the Daybook.  I email her about every week and I have gotten no response.  I've even tried to get creative sending emails like, "I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY! ALL I ASK IS ONE DAY ON YOUR BLOG!  YOU KNOW YOU LIKE MONEY!" What's a girl gotta do to get a hold of a big bigtime blogger?

And so, I suppose, for all of these reasons I was feeling a bit down.  It didn't help that my day was pretty much open- free to watch Bachelor Pad to my heart's content and feel like a true loser for having nothing to do on a Wednesday afternoon except for laze around and stare at the TV.

Finally, I decided to be productive.  I made a list of tasks and errands that needed to be accomplished, and headed out.  One of these things was to hit up the library and do some serious blog networking.  I was sitting at a computer at the library, minding my own business, when a pretty Latina girl approached me.

"Excuse me, but I can't help but see that you are on the computer."  Yes. Yes I am.  How smart you are.
"I was wondering if you could vote for me for Miss Utah Latina?"  I raised my eyebrows as she handed me a slip of paper.  "All you have to do is follow these directions- go on to facebook, like the page, and then vote for me- Ester Palacinos"
At this point I was feeling a little bit like my personal space was being encroached upon so I responded quickly, "Yah, no problem," just so that she would leave.
"I can help you do it- it's a bit confusing."
"Uh... I think I'm good.  This slip of paper is pretty self explanatory."
That finally got rid of her.  I did my business for awhile, and then mostly because I would feel guilty if I didn't, I logged onto facebook and voted for Ester for Miss Utah Latina.
"Umm... excuse me, I was watching, and I think you're doing it wrong.  I can help you."  I jumped ten feet and let out a little scream.  Miss Latina was back.  I don't know if I should have been more alarmed that she had been watching me this whole time or that she had sneaked up on me without me hearing a peep.  This girl was good.
"Are you sure?  I just clicked right here and voted for your name."
"Oh!  Perfect!  You're amazing!  Thank you so much!  It's really close between me and this other girl,"  she explained.  She flashed a pretty smile and pranced off with her slips of paper to torment more unsuspecting library patrons.

I couldn't help but laugh.  This chick was amazing.  I consider myself a brave person, but I could NEVER have the guts to approach perfect strangers at a library, demand they vote for me, and then watch to make sure they do it right.  Ester has got some courage and I hope she wins just from her sheer tenacity.

Somehow that cheered me up.  Just the fact that here I am stressing about a place to live and my huge goals that aren't being reached fast enough, and here she is, scamming the library for potential votes.  I guess it could always be worse.  I could always be vying for Miss Utah Latina.

The other thing that cheered me up?

Buddy got a bad haircut.  Serves him right for being so naughty to me on Tuesday!

Vengeance is sweet, Buddy.  Vengeance is sweet!

MORAL OF THE STORY:  When you are feeling down remember that it could be worse:  You could be trying to win Miss Utah Latina or you could be an ugly toy poodle.


  1. Bon, you're so funny. I say keep your expectations high for your apartment, but also try to see the opportunity in what may seem like a bad place. It may be further than you want, but maybe you're supposed to end up there. Pray about it.

    I've noticed for myself, when I get the blues, it's usually because I'm bored. If I can keep my time filled, I feel useful, even if it means I'm just crafting or going to lunch with a friend.


  2. OMG that poor dog. That is an awful haircut.

  3. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I am too familiar of the woes of finding a new place. The boy and I have been searching for a house for well over six months, viewed dozens, gone through realtors, and now have even spoken to contractors about a new build. It's a draining and extremely frustrating process, but we are staying positive. We don't want to settle because, well we are going to be spending a significant amount of time here. Good luck in your search!

  4. Poor poor Buddy, guess he shouldn't have been a bad boy running away from you. I totally understand you not wanting to add an extra 10 minutes to your commute. Even though it's only 10 minutes it adds up. I used to drive about 25 - 30 min and now it's only 15 and it would be so hard to go bad to a longer commute. I love my car but just don't want to spend that much time in it driving to and from work.

  5. awwww. sweetie. You are stressed. i wish I knew someone who had rental houses or something.. but there is always a calm before the 'storm' - refering to how busy you will be.
    Dont' get frustrated over the bloggin' world. People read your thoughts & that's all that matters. It's not about sponsors or numbers of readers. You want quality not quanity.. ya know?
    You are just in a rough patch. You'll rise above this & look back laughing. I'm glad Miss Utah approached you - giving you a different outlook.
    Keep your head up pretty lady.. you are stronger then you know!

  6. :( I hope you get the housing situation figured out sooner rather than later. As for the moodiness, I would totally FedEx you a deep fried Snickers from the Indy fair but I don't think it would be very good when it got to you...


    p.s. your blog is WAY better than the daybook. she seems a little snobby...and somewhere I heard she makes over 3k a month on sponsors. 3k!!!

  7. I think it's awesome you can be so transparent on your blog! Peeps, It's not all peaches and cream all the time on our blogs. We are human! Lol. Love that you posted the pic of your face shoved into the swing, passed out. Amazeballs!


  8. Lol that's all I have to say!

  9. I think your blog is lovely! Keep up the good work.

    I do hate those blah days...weeks...months. :)

  10. Your moral of the story is 100% true haha ;)
    you have great sense of humor, I loooove that!

  11. Chin up girly! Things will get better/easier/less frustrating eventually. In the meantime, your readers adore you, obvi, and Sydney is clearly missing out! Thanks for the laugh with the Buddy pics :-)

  12. First I must say I've e-mailed Sydney about paying to advertise on her blog, too, and never got a response but I just sorta gave up on it. Also, I totally get where you're coming from about comparing your blog to other, more successful ones -- we've all done it. BUT I'm here to say that's one of the worst things you can do, and your blog is fabulous already! Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Bonnie, You are so amazing and I love you and your blog! I hope you have a better day!!!! XO :)

  14. im sorry you've been feeling down! i always adore your blog posts!

    and that is hilarious about mrs. latina utah!

  15. I have been in a funk lately too. I can understand that. I think you handled it well!

  16. I emailed Sydney as well, and I got a response! But I've met her in real life so I'm automatically better than you.

    I can forward you the email she sent me if you'd like. Anyways, here's the page for rates on sponsoring her:

    If you don't like spending money, your heart might explode by sponsoring her. I was hesitant to sponsor her because her posting is so irregular these days and she seems like she puts very little effort into her posts. And as you know, I'm not crazy about sponsoring unless I'm guest posting. :) Hahaha.

    For the record, I like your blog 100 times more than I like hers. Not do diss her or anything, because I LOVED her before she got Rockstar Diaries famous. Now with a kid and making 50-60,000 a year in blog sponsoring ALONE, she's not my cup of tea.

    Good luck! If you can finally get a hold of her, I will TOTALLY comment, refer all my friends to your post, and link to it in any form of social media I use.

  17. PS I am kidding about the being better than you part. I forgot to put a winkie face and that totally changes the tone. ;) See?

  18. Even when you're having a grumpy day, you never cease to crack me up! Hope your goals start getting reached soon, lady! :)

  19. I LOVE the blog. Your dog's haircut is awful! Poor doggy! LMAO @ Miss Utah!


  20. "-I've got a lot of big goals for this bloggy blog of mine and it's been frustrating to not see them pan out as I had hoped. I lack patience, and I struggle comparing myself to other bloggers. "

    amen, sista!! At least you have 800+ followers and 19 comments on a post you just wrote TODAY! I'm at the point that I might pay someone just to comment on something I've said...just so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself. But then I remember that I didn't start this blogging thing to become The Pioneer Woman or to have a huge following. I did it because I liked having a space that was just mine. Just remember that while you're comparing your blog to the bigger, more popular blogs, some of the microscopic blogs are comparing themselves to YOURS! I hope my blog grows up to be just like yours someday. <3 TOTALLY crack me up. LOVE LOVE LOVE your positive attitude! LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog.

  21. Ashley Melo9:05 PM


    You are an awesome blogger. I check in everyday just to see what you are up to. As a fellow teacher, I can relate to your stories about dumb ass high school students (I mean that in a most loving way, of course) and the daily grind of marking, planning, etc. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. You've earned them!

    Chin up, darling!

    Ashley Melo
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  22. Hey Lady! I just came across your cute blog via the hop and I'm so happy to be your newest follower! Also I'd love to invite you to a fabulous triple giveaway I'm having right now!

    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much!

  23. Hey Bon Bon, just take it easy. Be easy on yourself. Take a day or two off from thinking about the apartment or the blog. Do something else, visit someone you haven't seen in a while, play a little.
    Just do and think about something different.

    I know, absolutely know that things will get resolved and you will feel so much relief you wont believe it.

    Thanx for making us laugh at Buddy!!
    xoxo, Millie.

  24. Hahaha (pointing at buddy and laughing) revenge indeed, lol. Your post made me laugh, and I needed that because I'm having one of the days you had Wednesday. Not sure how to snap out of it, lol. I totally get how not having your own space can get you down. When my hubby and I had to say with his parents for a brief time, it is safe to say that I lost it after a while, lol.

    Hope you find your new place soon!

  25. Oh, Bonnie! I totally feel you on the housing woes! I've been looking for an apartment in September since July, and my plans just fell through last night. Keep your chin up, soul sister!

  26. Oh girl, I just love your blog. You always crack me up and put a smile on my face.

    I feel you on the housing woes. We live in a TINY apartment. Like, tiny beyond belief, and it's pretty pricey. We looked for a house to rent during the spring and the realtor would show us a house and then NEVER get back to us. It was maddening, and we're stuck in a our little place another year. It will all work out eventually.

    Have a good weekend!

  27. I totally feel you on the apartment front. When my husband and I first got married we lived with my grandmother for several months and it was like slow, agonizing torture. Then we moved into an apartment where our bedroom was also our living room/office/dining room and we about killed each other for privacy.

    Don't kill each other for privacy, find something you like.

  28. hahahaha. I love your dogs haircut because it is just. so. terrible.!

    You have such a funny blog, I'm so glad you found me and now I've found you! (That sounds so weird. Pardon that)