The Life of Bon: My husband thinks I look like Beavis

Monday, August 13, 2012

My husband thinks I look like Beavis

Every marriage has its issues.

This weekend it was brought to light that mine might have bigger problems than most.  This was discovered when Hubs said, "Bon!  Bon!  Hold still!  I want to draw a picture of you!"  Like any self respecting woman, I reveled in the attention and smiled gladly at the opportunity to have my portrait drawn!  I rested my chin on my hand, fluttered my eyelashes sweetly, and did my best to look like the adorable wife that I truly am.

"There!"  Hubs announced proudly when he was finished with the drawing.  I looked over to see this staring demonically back at me:

Naturally, there were many, many questions racing through my little head.

1.  Are my nostrils really that big?
2.  Why the black demon eyes?  Is it supposed to be symbolic of what I represent to Hubs?
3.  What's with the weird fist?  Is this, again, some kind of symbol?  Do I rule with an iron fist?  Is Hubs trying to tell me that I am a strong and powerful woman or that I scare the crap out of him?
4.  Is there a reason I have no fingers?
5.  The very high forehead- was that necessary?
6.  Is this really what my  hair looks like to Hubs?  Because, you know, I really do work hard to style that every day.  And if it's just coming out looking like that... well, I might just throw in the towel.
7.  What's with the... ahem... chest area?  Seriously Hubs?  Is that really what my feminie parts look like to you?
8.  My right arm.  Where is it?
9.  Why are my eyebrows such hairy bushes?  Please, Hubs, you know I take great pains to tweeze those bad boys!  Cut me some slack around here!
10.  Is that a mole hair coming off of my chin?

The more I looked at it, the more I couldn't help but think that I bear a striking resemblance to Beavis.  Minus the cleavage, of course.

Am I right or right?

Which has left me to wonder, is this how my husband perceives me?  Does he look at me and see only a slightly more feminine version of Beavis?

But you know what?  The whole experience was not in vain because I learned something this weekend.  Something that I can share with you readers that can improve all of our lives.

If you want your self esteem in tact, never ever EVER under any circumstances allow your husband to draw a portrait of you.

That is all.


  1. You are totally right, I definitely see a resemblance. Maybe you should suggest he take an art/drawing class..? ;)

  2. This is amazing in so many, many ways. You should just walk around the house "hehe"ing like Beavis...that will teach him! :)

  3. LOL - thanks for the laugh today :) Sign that man up for an art class stat!

  4. This just made my Monday morning. Please tell her husband thank you! Really funny!

  5. oh wow. yep, he made you look like beavis. hmmm....this is where you use that iron fist of yours....:)P.S. Beavis is better than butthead right?!

  6. i've been chuckling over this for a few minutes that's pretty great!

  7. Ha! I will learn from you and never let my husband draw a picture of me. Super funny! Thanks for the laugh this Monday morning!!

  8. I seriously can't stop laughing! You do not look ANYthing like that drawing!!! LOL ur hubs...he's comical

  9. haha! yep. not going to let my husband draw a picture of me. bad idea. :)
    your turn to draw him??

  10. Anonymous1:37 PM

    LOL!!! You look nothing like Beavis in person, I'm sure... I love you blog!!! XOXOXO

  11. HAHA! Omg, I just can't even stop laughing right now. That picture is frighteningly similar to Beevis, however it looks NOTHING like you!

  12. He probably drew your cleavage first and the rest was an afterthought... men!

    I wouldn't get too up in 'arm' about it...even if that's how he drew you!

  13. Too funny! Did your hubby have anything to say for himself? Thanks for stopping by Amanda's Books and More!

    Tina - mom of 4, author and blogger of 5 blogs

  14. ohmagosh this is hysterical! My hubs happened to be sitting right next to me when I opened this post and we both were cracking up! And of course you found the perfect pic of Beavis with his fist pump action to match your's! LOL...too funny. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, and I am happy to follow right back! Have a great week!

  15. Haha what a lovely drawing. So I went to reply to the comment you left on my blog and I accidently hit delete. Dang. But anyway I'm not sure when asparagus is in season but you're right it is super expensive. I think I spent like 4 bucks on that bunch. Thanks for stopping by... I'm now your newest follower!


  16. You just made my Monday. Thank you. :D

  17. lol great post at least a lesson was learned thanks for stopping by my blog im now following you

  18. Brand new follower! Thanks for your sweet comment at Back to the Basics. You look nothing like Bevis and your hubby definitely needs an art class!

  19. HA! You are SO right!! It seriously looks JUST like Beavis! I laughed so hard when I read/saw this!

  20. Ha ha It does look like Beavis! I don't think your hubs should quit his day job just yet. At least your portrait has good boobs.

  21. This totally made my day. I snorted I was laughing so hard.

  22. I cried! That's a good one

  23. This is exactly why I love your blog! It's hilarious!