The Life of Bon: A Pancake Miracle

Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Pancake Miracle

Every once in a while something happens that lets me know I'm living right.

Take this morning for example.  We were out of milk.  This presents a problem to me because every morning I have a glass of Instant Breakfast on my way to work.  No milk= No Instant Breakfast= No food until noon.

Because I wake up approximately 15 minutes before I have to leave my house, I never have time to have a real breakfast.  In a competition between sleep and food, sleep wins every time.

All of this means that today I was driving to school with the prospect of absolutely nothing to eat all morning.  Could I teach three classes on an empty stomach?  In a stroke of brililance, I remembered the cafeteria serves breakfast- I would head on down and pick up some gross cafeteria food there.

But then I discovered that I had no cash. 

My mind raced.  Get the lunch ladies to give me breakfast and I would pay them back later?  It didn't seem likely (those lunch ladies are sticklers!) but what other options did I have at this point?

And thus I was in route to attempt to convince the lunch ladies to give me a cinnamon roll on credit when I heard this annoucement,

"Attention students.  Student Government is giving out free pancakes this morning out by the student parking lot.  Make sure to go and get your free breakfast."

It was a pancake miracle!

So I headed on down to the breakfast table, loaded up, and am now currently eating the flapjacks as I write this post.  And you know what?  They ain't half bad.

I guess sometimes God does little things like that just to let you know He's watching out for you.

Don't judge my hair.  It's early.

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  1. Isn't it funny how God always makes sure we're taken care of?? It's those little things in life that I look forward to :)

    And the hair is really cute! It's like Sophisticated Bon!

  2. Miracles DO happen...even "pancake miracles"....too funny! Love it :)

  3. LOVE that story!! Thanks for sharing the happy little miracles that happen in your day!

  4. Divine Intervention! (she said in a loud, booming voice like it was coming from God but not really because that sounds too much like blasphemy and that's the last thing we wanna do here, am I right or am I right or am I right?!)

    Enjoy them pancakes!

  5. He sure does work in strange ways sometimes!!

    I'm glad that you got to eat some flapjacks for breakfast though!! :)

  6. god works in mysterious ways! I am glad you was able to eat & not starve until noon!

  7. Those pancakes look delicious! Who ever said nothing good can come from government?

  8. lunch ladies totally are sticklers.

    glad you got free swag in the form of pancakes!

  9. omgggggggg how did I miss this hair makeover?! LOVE it girlie!! Looks super adorbs!

    And you explained a typical day for me... or morning. Always running behind and skip out on packing a breakfast... so then I always go hungry at work... and I always have NO cash and only plastic! WOMP to me!

    You lucked out though... what a miracle for pancakes...FREE pancakes!

    xo, Bev

  10. I am following you back, you are too funny!! Thanks for following me!
    Connie from Sadieloohoo

  11. Pancake miracles are the best kind! I love your hair - makes me want to chop all of mine off!

  12. Most of the time I never have time for breakfast or if I'm working on a painting, I forget to eat. Glad you had a pancake surprise at school! :-) New follower.

  13. A bajillion hoorays for breakfast! Sometimes I catch myself thinking out loud to my first graders, "I could eat a horse!" and they look at me like I'm crazy. Glad you had a pancake miracle. Love it when God gives us those little smiles.

  14. I am pretty sure I am in love with the fact that sleep places so high on your priorities. It is refreshing to read. =]