The Life of Bon: It's official. I'm getting remarried.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

It's official. I'm getting remarried.

I'm thinking about getting remarried.

Sorry, Hubs.

I've been spending the last three days in the New Mexican sun, enjoying the wedding festivities of one of my college besties, Courtney.  And it got me thinking.  I want to get married again.

It's not that I want the stress of sending invitations, dealing with reservations, or figuring out what everybody is going to eat.

It's not that I want to stand in an uncomfortable dress and say hi and thank you and I'm so glad you're here 300 times again.

It's not that I want to think about colors and flowers and bridesmaids and rings and cakes again.  No no.  I don't want that.

But I sure wouldn't mind this again.

Loads and loads of presents.  Cards full of money.  Linen sheets and non stick pans and toaster ovens galore.

Don't mind if I do.

What do you say, Hubs?  Will you remarry me?

While I'm attempting to convince my husband to get hitched again, I've got the lovely Elizabeth with some words of wisdom for you.  Elizabeth is stunningly gorgeous and has one of the most well designed blogs I have ever seen (Elizabeth, you selling blog designs?  If so, let's talk!).  Not only that, but the woman is a great writer- one of those gals who makes you think for a bit, you know?  See for yourself!


When my daughter was a baby, I used the internet as a form of escape, as time for myself.

As she got older and I began working as a travel writer and editor, I used the internet as a means to an end, a way to connect and also a way to opportunity.

And by this time, it began to dominate my life, originally out of boredom and now out of necessity.

I love writing, I love travel blogging and photography...but I now hate being online so much. After much reflection and reading Bonnie's post regarding the affects of the internet on one's health ( specifically one's mental health) I really understood I needed to find a way ( somehow) to limit my time online.

It's hard!

From working to researching to studying at two schools ( both online) to helping a few companies with their social media, to helping my husband start his business online... I need to be here a lot.

That is excluding my personal time on the internet...

So what I have decided, after careful thought, is to give Facebook the shaft.

No, I am serious.

I found that for ME personally ( not you or anyone else, just speaking for myself!) I waste a ton of time there, procrastinating and looking at random people I barely know's photos. Or some random group I joined. It's pointless....yet I was doing it all the time!!!

I found that originally it was a great way to connect with friends, then it became a flat out time waster, then a burden. And a compulsion. Here in Thailand, where we live, people are ADDICTED to Facebook. I am serious. As in, always on it. We have seen billboards in the middle of nowhere with the LIKE symbol, as marketers here get most Thais are on Facebook all the time.

So I found a way to limit my time on there, and invited friends to connect with me more intimately, perhaps through a chat on skype.

And with twitter, my favorite platform, I limited that as well to only maybe twice a week.

I love blogging, and on my travel site I do it for a decent income. But I don't do it daily. I keep it at a minimum because I don't want to obsess over it, as I am a SAHM and homeschool my daughter, and though I love my job I can (thankfully) do it once a week.

With everything else, I do it out of order of priority. When it needs to be done, I do it. I cut out anything that isn't really needed, and when I spend time say Pinning, I do it for only 10 minutes.

My brother is an author and before his book was published and I lived with him, I remember him being so mentally exhausted from using the computer all day that he would slam the door on me. I was offended, seriously pissed off. But now that my income is via a computer, I understand. It is draining! I listen to what a recent LDS Living magazine said about media: it can be invigorating when not abused and completely draining when over used.

Now, my daughter is nearly five and things have changed since the baby years. No more tantrums. As a mom, I have matured and don't feel a need to escape as much. I want to be here, now. For her, and for my husband. And above all, for myself. 



  1. so cute! I just had the same feeling when I was at a baby shower! I'm not married, nor do I have a baby...BUT I'd do either or in order to score all those awesome presents! :) Haha

    Have a Happy Labor Day!

  2. Did you ever read Bitter is the New Black? Basically Jen Lancaster staged her wedding to get out of debt.

    A hilarious story.

    Hope you had fun in our sun.


  3. We renewed our vows a couple of weeks ago. But we did it super small on the beach. And we requested no gifts. It was a special day!

  4. The presents are a great reason to get married again! I was a little estatic over all of the pretty bows and silver wrapping paper and, in general, presents that were a part of my wedding. And I insisted that the first thing we do when we got home after the wedding was open presents. Okay maybe it was the impatience of a child, but hey, I was still in my teens, so it's totally okay.

  5. Anonymous4:14 PM

    we eloped and missed out on all the presents.. sad day! somedays i think 'man, we could havery paid off some deb' but then i always remind myself that its not about the presents.. to be honest, everyone we told said the same thing about missing out on money and presents lol

  6. Thank you for the kind words Bonnie and for letting me guest post!! You are stunning yourself, and I adore your writing!! I sadly don't do blog design but can refer you to the girls that did mine! :)