The Life of Bon: It's the end of the world as we know it.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it.

I'm getting overwhelmed.

Very, very overwhelmed.

It's just that this weekend I made a very reckless, spur of the moment decision.  One that could potentially ruin my life.

I joined pinterest.

That idiotic decision was immediately followed by a second.  I joined Instagram.

Let's just say I have no idea what I'm doing.  Facebook was easy, twitter was a bit more complicated, but, Oh my Lanta, PINTEREST?!?  And INSTAGRAM?!?  At the same time?!?  Am I trying to kill myself via lethal technology?

I know that some of you are going to want to point out that I am eating my words about never getting on pinterest.  Fine, go ahead, say it.  I broke a promise.  I am succumbing to the worldly pressure of pretty things and yummy recipes and pins, pins, oh the numberless pins!!!

I have vowed, though, to not let it suck me in.
And yes, I can hear you laughing from here.

As far as Instagram goes, I never made no stupid promise about not getting on that thing, so don't you start telling me I'm breaking more than one promise in a day.  I have only broken ONE promise today and that's all I intend to.  If you want to know the dirty truth, I got on instagram for the sole purpose of following Jef Holm and Emily Maynard.  There.  You happy?

Now that we have THAT out of the way, a couple of questions for you:

1.   Can I instagram from a computer, or does it always to be a cell phone?

2.   Do the pictures on Instagram always look jacked up, or was that something I did?  For example, my first ever Instagram picture:

I look like a gnome.  A freaky, crosseyed, possessed, dark-bags-under-her-eyes gnome.  Instagram, you are not doing me any favors.

3. Why am I automatically following a bunch of people on Pinterest that I have never met?

4.  Why can't I get pinterest to link up automatically with my twitter and facebook?

5.  What have I gotten myself into?

I'm going to go sit on the couch, chow down on some chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and think about the mistake I have just made.  Or maybe I'll pin.

Nah.  Chocolate peanut butter wins.  Everytime.

P.S.  Follow me?  Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

P.P.S.  Does this mean that I now have to figure out google plus and tumblr?  When does the insanity end?!?

P.P.S.  The winners for the jewelry giveaway from Eryka are:  Emily Hornburg, Bella Vierge and Jocelyn.  You lucky ladies are going to start the week off right!  You need to do two things:  Visit Eryka's shop and pick out what piece of jewelry you would like.  Then, email me,, with your choice of jewelry and your mailing address and we'll get Eryka sending that jewelry right out!

P.P.P.S My second picture via Instagram seems to have been more successful.  This is Hubs, joining me in the kitchen after his afternoon nap.


  1. I'm going to try and answer as many of your questions as I can :)

    1. You can only take Instagram photos via a phone, as far I know. I have seen the option to log in to Instagram and view photos or leave comments, but not to take photos.

    2. Instagram does not work well in certain lighting. You can either try and "fix" a funky photo with one of their filters, or find better lighting.

    3. I don't know why Pinterest does that, but you can just unfollow all of them.

    4. You should be able to link up Pinterest to FB or Twitter in the Settings options. To get there, click your face in the right hand corner, then select settings. Be careful with what permissions you give it or you'll start sending every pin to FB and Twitter and your followers will hate you, lol.

    5. You'll obsess over both of them for a few weeks, but the shiny newness will wear off and you'll use them less frequently. You might even get bored with one or both of them! Don't make yourself crazy, you'll figure it all out :)

    Side note: I refuse to use Google+ I tried, haaaate it. So complicated for no reason. And I recently stopped using Tumblr. Pinterest and Instagram have you covered for that one, so feel free to go right on like it doesn't exist.

    Hope some of that helped!


  2. I go in Pinterest spurts, but I do try to do stuff that I pin. (Obvs not everything, because I would never be out of the kitchen or I would always be behind the sewing machine)

    I am slowly figuring out instagram, but I am following you now! We can figure this thing out together!

  3. Thank you for letting me know that Jef and Emily have Instagrams, totally just went and followed them! Lol

    I still have no idea what Tumblr is, not really interested either. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are quite enough for me!!

    You can follow me on instagram @cjohnston2011. =)

  4. Welcome to the world of pins and pictures. You are in for great afternoons of pinning recipes and clothes you can never afford. You will love it!

  5. What? Now I'm even more of a minority. I still haven't joined Pinterest or Instagram...but not only that, I don't have Twitter. I'm going to be even more uncool now that you've joined too!

  6. SQUEEEE!!!!! I WON! YAY!

    OK, sorry, happy moment done. Kinda. But it's a great way to start a Monday. So thank you!

    As for your questions...

    From what I can tell you can only use Instagram really from your phone or tablet. And taking pictures takes some getting used to and it depends on what filter you use. It takes me forever to find a filter I really like on mine depending on the picture. Also be sure you have decent lighting. And if you don't like the picture you took- you can always take another one!

    Just unfollow the people you don't want to follow on Pinterest. I think they do that so you can get started right away.

    I think in settings you can link up all of your stuff.

    And you'll love it. I'm slightly addicted to both of these right now. I kinda go through phases. I'll be pinning and instagraming things all of the time. Then I'll just stop. Although lately I've actually been USING the pins I have and that's been really helpful. I'll be sitting in my bathroom trying some crazy new hair-do or standing in the kitchen reading a recipe. It's handy. And for Instagram, now that I have a smart phone I've been LOVING it for youth ministry. I can upload pictures of the crazy things the kids do right away and they really like it.

    So... enjoy!

  7. i have no useful tips on pinterest or instagram, however the more you use them, the more you'll get the hang of it. pinterest has become my enemy because of the 10 thousand different projects. there is an ecard that explains my life with pinterest (and probably a 100 other girls>>>> The Inner Monologue of a Pinner "I want to sew!" "No, I want to work out." "Wait, is that a mason jar??" "Oh screw it, now I want cake." :-) me, everyday!

  8. Hey lady! Just popping in to say hello!

    Pinterest!! I am addicted and i bet you will too!! I get on pinterest everyday. Not for long periods of time just a little here and there!

    Wish i could help with instagram, but my phone is like a brick. Lol not really, but I dont have a data plan and the camera barely functions!

    OH and ps I am following :)

  9. I think everyone has it pretty much covered above... Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment! I'm following ya back!

  10. I've joined the pinterest wagon but I have not gotten on instagram...I'm trying not too!

  11. HAHAHAHAH!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST! You're going to become someone who wants to bake and cook and be crafy and super organized. love pinterest!!!!

  12. hi! thanks for commenting on my 9/11 post yesterday - so sweet. :) i was just reading through some of your recent entries and stumbled upon this one...i just joined pinterest too!! horrible decision. goodbye productivity. hello "genius" DIY ideas i will never be able to accomplish.