The Life of Bon: To teacher: A love note. Question mark?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To teacher: A love note. Question mark?

The first ten minutes of class I have my students write in a journal.  You know, kind of like Freedom Writers.  Minus the gangs and the big black kids because I teach in Utah so we only have big white kids.  Oh, and minus the failed marriage.  Sorry students, I like you and all, but I ain't ever gonna sacrifice my marriage for you.

Sometimes I give the young uns prompts for their journals, other days are open- they can write about whatever they want.  Today was an open day.  After students finish their writing, I always allow students to share if they want.  I don't exactly know why I do this except for that I feel like it is a good idea and I'm sure there's some kind of educational research somewhere that supports my claim.  Public speaking and reading aloud and class unity and all that jazz.  (Also, I have no idea why I suddenly feel like I have to defend my teaching practices on my blog.)

After their writing today, students were unusually excited to share their writing.  First Shayla shared about how nervous she was for Dance Co. Tryouts.  Then Adam shared about how he learned how to catch and even gut his own fish this summer.  Next Keenan shared a rather long and extensive list of every death metal band that he likes.

Last, Ezra raised his hand.  Shyly, as if he wasn't quite sure he wanted to share, but knew he should.

"Ezra, you're up!"  I called.  I'm kind of like Bob Barker in my classroom, try to imagine it.
Ezra hesitated, licked his lips, and then started slowly,

"Dear Teacher.  Why do you keep staring at me?  I notice you looking at me while I'm writing this as if I committed some kind of crime.  I didn't do anything I promise.  Or is it because you think I am so hot that you keep looking at me?"

Naturally, the class erupted in laughter and Ezra got his two seconds of fame that he so desperately desired.  I replied, "That's all you wrote in ten minutes?"  He nodded proudly.

For the record, I was looking at Ezra because he was off task.  Someone's gotta keep those students working!

On another note, in an essay I had students write the first week of school I asked them what they felt was the most important thing they had learned in their last year's English class.  Nick, who had me for English last year, wrote in his essay, "I learned some really good things last year.  I've learned some lessons the hard way.  For example, you actually have to read an assigned book.  And that Sparknotes can only take you so far."

Thank you Nick.  I'm glad to know that my teaching has made a difference in your life.

(P.S.  Ezra's isn't the first "half love note" that I've received!  Last year's was more cryptic, but more romantic, no doubt!)


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Too funny! Especially the spark-notes comment.

    Have you ever seen this website?

    Some seriously funny stuff on there :)

    I am a future teacher and begin student teaching in January.

  2. Hahaha love Eric's essay about the spark notes, so classic!

  3. OMG hilarious! On a side, albeit nerdy note, I LOVE FREE WRITING!

  4. omg omg. I'm so glad I'm now following.

    This post? Hilarious. I can totally see my hs students saying something like this too!

    And I absolutely was like Bob Barker. Sure, the kids wondered what meds I was on at times, but they all loved coming to history class. ;)

  5. ha- free writing was the best in english class! i was never brave enough to share my stories. kids these days are really full of themselves!

  6. Bonnie!! That's too funny!! And your reference to only having "big white kids" is epic! HAHAHA! Thanks for the laughs this AM! XOXOXO

  7. hahaha that is too hilarious! I would have turned bright red. My sister is a teacher, and there are so many classic stories she tells. Those are the things that get you through the days!

  8. Anonymous1:01 PM

    hahahaha!! That is way too funny.
    I would have been soo embarrassed!

    My favorite part of English class in High School was the journals!