The Life of Bon: Imma gonna kill my sister

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Imma gonna kill my sister

I'm mad at my little sister.

Yep, that girl.  She looks all sweet and innocent, but she's not.  Don't be fooled by her snazzy smile.

You see, Mary is preaching the good word in Argentina right now.  About a month ago she really got my mom's hopes up.  She emailed mom and said, "Hey!  I'm coming home in January.  But first you should come pick me up and see Argentina with me."

Then my mom really got MY hopes up and said, "Hey!  I'm going to go pick Mary up in Argentina in January.  You should come with.  I'll even help foot the bill.  You like Argentina, don't you?"  (DO I?!?!  Only a little bit as can be seen here and here and here.)

My next step was was to clear it with Hubs who said, "There's no way I can get school off to go with you, but if you want to go I support you 100%." (Best Hubs ever!)

Final step was the boss.  I marched right up to that principal's office and said, "Hey!  You!  If I'm going to teach this extra class for you all year then I'm going to need some time off in January to go explore the jungles of Argentina and visit all my friends down there and don't you dare tell me no!"  

And he said, "Yah, yah, we'll figure something out for you, ya freaking drama queen!"

And thus the stage was set for an awesome time in Argy come January.

Until yesterday.  

Mary emailed and said this, "I think I´m going to stay till March 5.  And that means that it might be better for me to book it home and start studying for the MCAT...I´ve got to take that sucker in the middle of May."

MARY!!!  What the freak are you doing?!?  Like the MCAT is more important than me getting to go to Argentina.  Come on, here!

Don't worry, though.  I haven't been too deterred.  My new plan is to find $5,000 in buried treasure so that Hubs and I can go to Argentina in the summer to visit all my mission friends. 

You think I'm joking?  I'm not.  

You see this below?  This is the real deal.

This was the email I received last week:

Hi Bonnie, I wanted to ask if I could convince you to share with your blog reading audience an upcoming event called the "$5,000 Great Provo- Orem Treasure Hunt".

This is a completely free Adventure that is perfect for Couples, Families or Groups (scouts, Singles Wards etc.).

It is exactly what it sounds like - an actual Treasure Hunt for $5,000 hidden somewhere in Provo-Orem. The first person to find it, gets to keep it.

Clues as to the secret hidden location of the Treasure will start on September 28th. They will be given out on Facebook, Twitter and on our website at

There will also be an iPhone and Android app available to download the clues - both a free version and a premium version for 1.99 that gives the clues out a day earlier.

In addition to the grand prize of $5,000, there will be mini-hunts for smaller "Treasures", including cases of Coca-Cola, sets of Pass of all Passes to Seven Peaks and gift certificates to local businesses including Pizza Pie Cafe and

The idea from this came from my own experience 15 years ago with my wife (girlfriend at the time). We took part in a treasure hunt put on by KOOL-FM in Ottawa, Canada. We would look for the treasure after work every night, and whenever we stopped the car, we wondered if this was the spot we would find the Treasure. Our hearts would beat faster and we would race to scrounge around the area. As we drove from one spot to the next, we would have long conversations dissecting the clues and sharing with each other what we would do with the money if we found it. This lead to us talking about dreams and ambitions. I told her secret wishes and hopes that I had never told anybody else. This is something we still remember and talk about to this day - it is a wonderful memory we share.

To sign up, all you have to do is any of the following:

Add Provo Treasure Hunt as a Friend on Facebook
Follow @ProvoTreasure on Facebook
Send an email

You can even get an early clue by following the instructions here.


I politely emailed this man back and said, "No way am I sharing this with the people who read my blog.  I want the treasure all to myself!  Why would I tell other people how to get it?!?"

Then I had a little change of heart and figured, "Hey, maybe if someone who reads my blog actually finds the treasure they'll split the profits with me since I am the one that gave them the idea."  Genius?  I think so!

So get to work, people!  Get your clue from Duncan, the mysterious man who is starting this treasure hunt, and get searching!  You find the $5,000, you give me half of it.  Do we have a deal or do we have a deal?!?

But seriously.  I'm going to be busy this week searching for clues!  You should too!


  1. This sounds amazing and so much fun!! I love treasure hunts!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! My hopes got up just like yours did, and then dashed when your sister changed her mind. That would have been so awesome for you! My sister is on a mission too. Home in two weeks! Home from where? Salt Lake City. Can you believe we've lived in the same city for a year and a half and not seen each other? I wonder if I'll get to pick her up from her mission. . . :)

  3. BUmmer on the whole MCAT getting in the way of your plans thing ;) - HOpe you still get to go!

  4. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Getting your hopes squished sucks! But how cool is that treasure hunt.

  5. This sounds SO fun! Sorry that you got your hopes up :( Hopefully something will change though! :)

    ♥ Shar

  6. Woohoo! A treasure hunt...I'm in! Maybe we can go to Argentine together. Leave the husbands behind and have some girl time. :)

  7. I love this! You are hilarious!! Totally found a new follower in me...Maybe even a new stalker. Lets see where we can go with this relationship! Anyways, good luck with your trip to Argentina!!

  8. I just found out about the treasure hunt yesterday... super excited :)

  9. Whata total bummer about Argentina! I hope you win the $5,000 that sounds like a BLAST!

  10. BUmmer about your sister! Is she on a mission? I am confused? YOu will have more fun with your husband anyways! And man, I wish I lived in Provo! What a fun thing! I want that treasure

  11. ummm what sister.
    now i hope you win the treasure so you can go!


  12. I hope that you get to go to Argentina! That would be awesome!

  13. Go find that treasure! :)
    And then you let us know how awesome your Argy holiday was!

  14. haha i love your sense of humor! all that talk leading up to the treasure hunt seriously got me really excited about it!
    i hope you go to Argentina soon!