The Life of Bon: Who wants a jug of hand sanitizer?!?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who wants a jug of hand sanitizer?!?

Listen.  I ain't no complainin' sissy pants little girl.  But right now Imma gonna complain.  You were warned.

Just who in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is the PTA president at my school?  Today the office sent us a mysterious email, "The school has a  back to school gift for all  teachers.  Please come during your prep period and DON'T send an aide.  YOU need to come to pick the gift up."

Holy meatballs you're telling me that for once in my life my school is going to give me something?!?  Now, just to clarify, for those of you used to the El. Ed. gift giving mentality, it is not quite the same for high school teachers.  In short, we get a total shaft.  I've never had a gift from a student, not even at Christmas (Unless you count the diet coke my student tried to bribe me with to erase a tardy.)  When the faculty does get gifts, they're always super crappy gifts.   Last year during Teacher Appreciation week, my BFF who is an El. Ed teacher was getting Cafe Rio gift certificates, jewelry, and even a free massage.  What did I find waiting for me in my box?  A 25% off coupon to Dress Barn.

COME ON, PEOPLE!  Do I look like a woman who shops at Dress Barn to you?!?

Then, at the end of the year last year, all teachers were given a thank you gift- a brown paper sack with a tag that read, "Thanks for being such a "goodie" of a teacher."  Inside was a water bottle and a granola bar from Costco.  I don't know about you, but I don't exactly consider bland camping survival food to be "goodies."

I guess given the school's history, I should have known they would once again bestow on me the world's crappiest gift.  But I didn't know.  I pranced down excitedly to the office, stoked to pick up whatever little gift the school had in store for me.  Flowers?  Gift certificate?  Chocolates?!?


A huge jug of hand sanitizer.

I guess I am just that good of a teacher that I deserve my very own lifetime supply of hand sanitizer.  Get a close look at that tag they attached to it- it's quite clear that they were being serious about this whole debacle.

Moving onward...

I realized today that I am not the only one in this world getting gypped.  My readers are also getting royally worked over.  Everybody else's blog at least gives a piece of fashion advice here and there.  At least ONE cute outfit post.  All except my blog! I have not one fashion post (unless you count this one, but I hardly call that fashion) and instead my poor readers just have to hear me complain about how my school doesn't give me cool gifts.

Woe is me.
Woe is my readers.
Woe is everyone.

So, to help you guys feel less gypped about the whole fashion post thing, I have brought in a lady who knows her stuff.  I like Cami not only because she dresses well, but because she dresses well and on a budget that some of us can actually afford.  I might stare at The Daybook all day long and admire Sydney's fashion sense, but let's face it, I could dress that great too if I had her budget.  Cami is a down to earth fashion blogger- shows us how ALL of us can look great without breaking the bank.



I am excited to introduce myself to you today! I am Cami... the girl who does it CHEAP!! Yes, Cheap, not affordable or good value... plain old cheap! 

Sporting a classic black and white style today... I wore this to the office.  I think it's safe for summer, fall, etc.  Sometimes, you just need to remember the basics, right? 

Plus, polka dots... hello?  Need I say more?

Come check out my little corner of the cyber world... I think you might like it... or your money back!

Shirt: Express (old), Skirt: Ann Taylor (thrifted), Shoes: Target, Necklace: Old Navy (old)

Hope you guys are having a great week.  Thanks for checking out Oliviamoone!! See you there!!

Now go check her out already!  


  1. I want that skirt more than I have wanted anything ever in my entire life ever.

    At least it's not Wal-Mart brand hand sanitizer! That's when you know you've hit rock bottom!

  2. Hahaha that has to be the worst gift in the history of gifts. I'm so sorry Bonnie, I'm not laughing at you. I am, however, practically in hysterics that someone actually thought you would want enough hand sanitizer to cleanse the hands of the entire student population. Five times over. I'm sorry your "gift" was a rip-off, but rest assured that I appreciate you :)

  3. Hand sanitiser is awesome but not as a gift, lame-o! and don't worry I don't do fashion posts either ;)

  4. wow hand sanitizer you really must be cute outfit though i'm not a dress up kind of girl it's cute
    Come Say HI

  5. hey... at least they had the decency to make it a life-size vs travel size :D :D hehehee

  6. Haha wow, a jug of hand sanitizer! That's an all time low in gift giving! My mom is a Kindergarten teacher so I know how spoiled they all are, that woman has gift cards flowing out of her wallet!

    Just to let you know, I was a cool student and gave my high school teachers Christmas gifts =)

  7. I always gave my HS teachers Christmas gifts and mark my words, my kids will too!

  8. Cherish that hand sanitizer! ;)

  9. if things ever get really bad I'm sure you could get all kinds of drunk off that stuff.

    seriously though, don't drink the hand sanitizer.

    also, do feel bad. I've never ever done a fashion post either because do I have a sense of fashion? absolutely not. not even close.

  10. I meant to say *don't.*
    don't feel bad.
    sorry my keyboard sucks and likes to throw me under the bus.

  11. Super cute outfit! I'm impressed that she got it all on such a budget too!

  12. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Awwww, what a horrible "gift"! Especially after they got you all excited about "You" specifically needing to pick it up.

    I guess becoming an Elementary Ed teacher might have at least one advantage now :)

  13. HAHAHhahahahah thats hilarious! My mom was a teacher for 30 years, I work for an elementary school and Im going to school to be a teacher. I can relate to the hand sanitizer gift. Freaking funny.

  14. Its true, elementary teachers get it way better than we do. Once the Bingham PTSA gave us a screw driver for teacher appreciation week. My friend Vince and I joked the card should read "Happy Teacher Appreciation! You're screwed!" That was the year they almost laid off all teachers who had worked three years or less.

  15. No woeing please! That was a great write about your horrible gifts for being a high school made me giggle out loud so I'm a happy reader. :)

  16. When I was in HS, my parents & I gave my twin brother's and my favorite teachers Christmas OR end-of-year gifts (we were on block scheduling, 4 classes/semester). Them, and the teachers who were involved with our extracurriculars (yearbook adviser, dance team coach, etc). It's just a lot harder (more expensive) than in elementary school. You go from 1 teacher a year to 8.

    I'm sure if you had been my English teacher, I would have picked you as gift-worthy, though. :)

  17. I cannot stop laughing about the hand sanitizer. I'm sorry, but I can't.

  18. DRESS BARN. Bonnie, this is so hilarious. As a middle school teacher, I feel your pain. The best thing I got last year was a loaf of bread. My best friend teaches at an elementary school and their Teacher Appreciation Week is broken down day by day - "give your teacher a book" day or "give your teacher their favorite drink and treat" day. She hauls in the loot!

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  20. That is pretty pathetic as far as work gifts go. I remember my Dad getting Christmas bonuses. The last gift my husband got at work, I think it was Christmas, was a salad bowl.

  21. This is HILARIOUS. Dress Barn? Hand Sanitizer? Costco granola bar? INSULTING! I'd like to meet the people who come up with these ideas.

  22. Dude, Costco-sized jugs of hand sanitizer as teacher gifts are all the rage on Pinterest! I have no idea why though. I wasn't sure if it was a joke or for real when I first saw it.

  23. I am probably the only one that thinks the hand sanitizer is not THAT awful. LOL. I am a huge sanitizer, and especially having allergies and/or a cold right now, I don't want to get my germies everywhere. LOL. But I can certainly think of 100 different things to get a teacher....
    Thanks for stopping by and following.

  24. Do we work at the same school? Last year during exam week, we received a ziploc bag with one of those 5 stick packs of gum, a few other random things, and 2 tablets that might have been ibuprofen, but might have been adderall, or ecstasy for all I know. I don't know about you, but I don't typically take unlabeled meds that are floating around in a ziploc bag. We also were gifted the gallon size jug of hand sanitizer. I too have never received a holiday or end of the year gift, which I always thought was commonplace.