The Life of Bon: Honeymoon Sick

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Honeymoon Sick

I'm honeymoon sick.

It's a real term, but it's a very complex one.  Few people can truly comprehend it's real definition so I don't expect YOU of all people to know what it means.   Wow.  I just realized that I am blatantly offending my readers. So sorry. I'm in a bad mood.

Anyway... moving onward...

Dictionary Definition honeymoon sick- the state of emotion that one experiences when they are unreasonably and uncontrollably nostalgic for their honeymoon.

Told ya it was complex.

In any case, I've got it bad.  A bad bad case of the honeymoon sicks.

Sometimes I think my ability to remember dates, birthdays, and anniversaries is a blessing.

Other times I think it is an outright curse. AN ABSOLUTE CURSE,  CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU?!?!

And...Wow. That just got aggressive. Again, I apologize.  Please blame it on a combination of the condition described above and my time of the month. Tis a DEADLY COMBINATION.

But just please tell me you understand where I'm coming from.  All week long I have been reminded of what Hubs and I were up to just 12 months ago.  Exactly a year ago we were enjoying our seven day honeymoon.  Twas a wonderful week away from all stresses and cares- cruising the seas, enjoying the sun, and eating lobster and steak for dinner every night.  

That exact same week one year later has involved me waking up at 5:40 to pitch blackness (oh Daylight Savings, how I hate thee), a snowy weekend, and the last week of the quarter. (Translation= All my angel students harassing me nonstop about their grades.)

Do you understand now why I'm honeymoon sick?

In honor of what I was doing last year at this time I decided to post some pictures of the luna de miel (Spanish, folks, try to keep up.)

Interesting side note- we forgot to take our camera on our honeymoon.  I therefore paid a completely outrageous price for a disposable camera at Catalina Island. Twenty four poor quality pictures are all the evidence that we have of our honeymoon.  The pictures that you see below are actually pictures of the pictures from the disposable camera (you still with me?) so let me just tell you that they are not the best quality pictures you have ever seen. 

They just might be the cutest, though.

You gotta love the way Hubs is dressed.  Stripes and plaid- Oh la la!

I just have one question- now that Hubs and I have officially been married for over a year does that mean that we are no longer "newlyweds"?  

And does THAT mean that we're not allowed to kiss and be all lovey-dovey in public?

Because if so, count me out, I'm going back to the first year!

P.S.  If you think I sounds like a spoiled brat in this post, welcome to the club.  But don't give up on me, most of my posts aren't like this.  I am debating whether or not I should even publish this and have decided from hence forth to ban myself from blogging while I'm cramping.  Sometimes a gal's just gotta set some limits, you know?


  1. My honeymoon was at Disney World. So hell yah I understand how you're feeling.

  2. you are wonderful and so are your post and so is your blog!

  3. Oh I love Catalina!!! We used to go there a lot when I was little since I'm from so cal, and then in college I got scuba certified there :) So yes, I can definitely understand the honeymoon sickness!


  4. You can be honeymoon sick if I get to be maternity leave sick. This time last year was my last week of school FOR THE YEAR. Last year I finished the quarter and that was it! I got to skip FCCLA competition and finish cleaning my classroom and I am dreading it this week. And daylight savings time sucks in the morning (but its nice in the evening when I want to work out. . . )

  5. i totally 100% completely understand what you mean. i have only been married fro 2.5 months and i already have it. it might be because everyday i wake up at 6am for work and there's snow outside. i completely understand


  6. I've been married for 22 years and I still get honeymoon sickness from time to time. Things were just so simple back then! Oh, and if it helps to know, my hubby and I hug and kiss all the time in public! :)

  7. I always feel honeymoon sick. Probably because no one thinks about bills or appointments or jobs or anything for an entire week. Oh the life.

  8. I literally was sick on my honeymoon. seasick. (darn 7 day cruise! we should have only done a 4 day...) But I understand the nostalgic/want-to-go-back feeling of 'honeymoon sick.' :) And I still consider myself fairly newlywed even after 3 years. so, no judgement here.

  9. girl, book yourself a vaca! p.s. love your "about me" too funny!

    xo the egg out west.

  10. Haha this is hilarious, I am holiday sick. More like I just want to go on a holiday!
    Love your sweet blog :)
    Amy xo

  11. eh, just let it out sister.
    it's good for ya :)

  12. love this post! so glad you posted it. those cramps did you good (in terms of this post) because i loved reading this.
    xx jes

  13. I got married during the most beautiful October I can remember, and the hubs and I hiked up a mountain and didn't see anyone all day then went rock climbing and sat on a ledge eating cheese, apples and crackers. Now that I'm stuck in SE Idaho where it snows/rains/hails and blows all at once. I try to pretend I'm on that ledge again!

    Loved the post! :)

  14. love your writing! I got a kick out of your honeymoon sickness/ I feel it too! Mines the opposite though, I have honeymoon sickness for my future honeymoon in September! Can't wait to feel sunshine again...

  15. Daylight savings is the worst! At least in another couple of weeks, things should be mostly back to normal. And don't listen to everyone about the whole newlywed business, and just do what you want!

  16. i am so honeymoon sick... or first year anniversary sick... we're coming up on our 2 year anniversary, and the hubs just told me to be thinking about where i want to go. anywhere would probably make me happy at this point.

    and no, we're in our 2nd year and i totally still consider us to be newlyweds :)

  17. You make blogging look like a walk in the park! I've been trying to blog daily but I just cant find writing material.. you're an inspiration to me and i'm sure many others!