The Life of Bon: Welcome to my home!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Welcome to my home!

You want to know a secret?

Okay, but don't tell anyone...

I'm expecting A LOT of company today.  That's because Erin from Living in Yellow, who is ALWAYS throwing a huge old party at her place with thousands of visitors told all of her partiers to head on over to my house today!  Can you believe it?!?

Naturally, I've been nervous.  So many new visitors?!?!?  What if they don't like me?  What if they think my place is ugly?  And most importantly, what if the toilet gets clogged?

Me.  Stressed about company.  So stressed that I can't make the picture go normal.
Obviously, today has been stressful trying to get everything ready for my company.  Any great party needs a great hostess, am I right?  And you know how it is when you get visitors, don't you?  You've got to clean up the place, organize everything, make some yummy food, and make sure that everyone feels welcome when they come by.

Well, I'll tell you straight up, there is no food.

I did try to semi clean up the place though, which is saying something!  And I CERTAINLY want my visitors to feel welcome.  For those of you are regular visitors around here, just sit back and enjoy yourselves while a bunch of newcomers try to figure out if they want to stick around for the party or not.  They'll figure out soon enough what kind of throw downs we have around here.

I just had a genius idea!  I think since I've got company in my home I must take them all on a tour, right?  Perfect.

Ready?  Tour officially STARTED.  NOW.

Hi.  This is my blog.  Welcome.

This is me.  Also featured in the picture is Hubs.  (Sorry about the weird faces.  It was wedding day.  Sexual tension, you understand right?)

Up top is my header.  I didn't make that.  I'm a techy idiot so instead I won a giveaway and convinced the incredibly talented Linzey to do it for me.  So you can chalk all that up to her.

Over to the left is a weird picture of me with brown long hair.  Ignore that picture because my hair is short and goldenish now.  I change my hair color/style approximately every four months so don't plan on it staying any one way for long.

Up at the top you'll see my "About" section.  You could skip that part of the tour entirely if you want.  It's highly embarrassing and awkward.  I don't think I've ever felt so much like a junior high student when I was trying to write that.  Every day I wake up and think first thing in the morning, "I've got to change that terrible About Me."  And then I never do.

Because some things are just awkward.
There's a lot of stuff around this blog, but it might be kind of hard to find and you might not want to visit every single place, so I'll direct you from here and you can decide for yourself where you want to go.  Kind of like an independent tour, if you will.  I teach English for a living, so sometimes I write about the punks who fill 40 hours of my week.  I write about their dirty conversations I overhear in the bathroom, the times when they confuse horse for whores, and when I get in trouble for allowing my students to threaten Justin Bieber.

If you are in more a lovey dovey mood, you might want to try some posts about Hubs.  There is the celebration of mine and Hubs' six month anniversary together, the time when Kim Kardashian's divorce led me to some deep thoughts about marriage, and of course, who could leave out a romantic trip to the gyno?!?!

If you are in a serious type of mood, I've got posts for that too!  My most difficult post to write was on the two year anniversary of my dad's death, and then there was the time where a trip to my coat closet made me realize how incredibly blessed I've been, or maybe the time when my sister helped calm me down when I was having a major freak out six days before my wedding.

If you just want to laugh for a little while you could go all the way back to the time I had a Korean roommate and we were robbed, when I pulled a prank on all my students, or maybe, just maybe, you need to know about the time I stole underwear from Victoria's Secret.

And of course, you can't miss the time Hubs brought home a huge teddy bear to teach me a lesson on parenthood. 

So, please, by all means, make yourselves comfortable in my humble abode!  Mi casa es su casa as they say in the land down South, and I want more than anything for you to feel at home around here.  Any other questions about the place or confusions about this strange tour, go ahead and email me at  Otherwise sit back and make this place your home!


  1. You are super fun. Visiting from Erin's place. And from one high school English teacher to us all (12th grade English and speech. All me.), I'd like to say you have a very nice place.

  2. Also found your blog via Erin. Very cute and entertaining, I love your header! My blog is still very unfortunate looking... Glad I found you though, I was an English major!

  3. Haha oh my gosh, this post was awesome girl. You are hilarious. I hope everybody and their mom starts reading your blog..the world will be such a happier place :)

  4. Cute blog, I love the blue font on your header. Can't wait to read more!

  5. Anonymous8:39 PM

    You're a super fun chick, and I love your blog. I just read your post about the mouse prank you pulled on your students--brilliant! :)

  6. I absolutely love your blog & am so glad I found you, thanks to Erin! :) oh & for the record one of my best friends & roommate in college name is Bonnie! She's only 25, blonde & beautiful! So I love the name :) don't listen to people, at least your name is unique compared to most ya know? Oh & I always get teased with the whole "Marsha Marsha Marsha" from Brady bunch & that's not even my name!!

  7. You know, I could have sworn I was following you, but apparently I was not.
    Whatever. You're still funny and I still read your blog either way.
    Just know that I am usually a creeper, and lurk without commenting.
    I don't know why I felt the need to explain that, but there you go.
    6 a.m. and no sleep makes me loopy.
    I'll spare you the pain of reading more and just quit while I'm not as behind as I could be.

  8. Bonnie!!! Teeeeach me! Teeeeach me!! To be a blogger like you!

  9. What a cute idea for a post! Loved reading this xo

  10. Ok, you are super hilarious. Love your blog. Newest follower!

  11. Loved the tour! That pic of your and your hubs is great - the sexual tension is completely evident ;)


  12. Visiting from Erin.
    Thanks for the cordial welcome.
    I believe I'll sit a spell.

  13. I'm a high school teacher too!! Interior design though, not English. But reading your student quotes on Erin's blog I kept laughing and saying, "yes, this is totally my kids."

  14. LOVE your blog, found you through Erin. I'm already a fan after reading this post, you are SO funny!
    Can't wait to read more!

  15. Visiting from Erin's place! I promise I'll be on my best guest behavior.

    I'm excited to read your blog. I'm training to be a teen librarian so I too have a soft spot for bratty teenagers. Can't help but love them and their craziness!

    Nice to meet ya!

    P.S. Your about me is way better than mine! You have no reason to be ashamed!

  16. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Umm can I just tell you how much I love this blog! I love your writing. It was so great to meet you last night at the blogging party! I will definitely become an avid follower of your blog. I also grabbed your button, maybe you could help me get my blog started and grab mine too? Thanks Bonnie! :) Can't wait to read more!


  17. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Bonnie you are hilarious!! Normally I am just a blog creeper and I don't comment but I just had to say how much I've enjoyed reading through your posts!!!

  18. U R Awesome, thank goodness for Erin!
    -Meesh :)

  19. This blog is my favorite thing I've learned today. I'm so glad you posted over at Living In Yellow. I'm also glad that there are other crazy English teachers in the world willing to share their lives.

    Personally, I still don't know what time school gets out. :)

  20. I am so glad you guest posted when you did! I love finding someone else who, like Erin, can make me laugh! I am excited for our blog friendship haha...Thank you for just being you and trying to make a difference in a positive way!

  21. I just saw/read your guest post on Much Love Illy's blog. YOU my friend and hilarious. I love you already. ♥ I was nodding my head in agreement with so much that you wrote comparing blogging to high school. I was always shy, and awkward (umm still am) in HS, kind of a loner. And yeah I do sometimes still feel like that in the bloggy world. LOL


    I just read through this post and clicked "Open in new tab" on all the links in this post! I am going to attempt to sit here and read them all. No bragging.. just saying. LOL You have opened a can or worms and I want more. HAHA
    Ew... lets say those were GUMMY worms.

    Ive got my coffee in hand and my 3 year old playing at my feet. I SHOULD be good to go. Lets see how far I get! ;)

    Glad we "met" hope we can be friends!

    Much Love & Hugs,