The Life of Bon: Teacher for the Day

Monday, March 19, 2012

Teacher for the Day

WARNING- Picture and post have no correlation.
But who doesn't love a picture in curlers?!?!

I told Gail (also the same girl who mixed up whore's and horse) that she was in charge of the classroom today.

"I'm not feeling well, and school's almost out, so from here on out Gail is running the joint!"

(Don't be alarmed- all part of a kick butt introduction to Animal Farm.  An experiment in what happens when someone gets too much power, you know how it goes.)

"Really?"  Gail's big eyes lit up with delight. "I'm in charge?!?!'

"You better believe it. Get up there, Gail, you're the teacher."

Gail took her rightful place at the head of the classroom, still somewhat unsure.  "So I'm supposed to act like you?"


Gail paused for a moment, apparently still unsure what to do. Then, an idea seemed to dawn on her.  The sixteen year old placed her hands on her hips, gave her hair a sassy little flip and said in a falsetto voice, "If you guys do not all shut up right now, I swear I am going to strangle every one of you!"

The class roared with laughter.  Absolutely ROARED. I have NEVER seen teenagers like this.  Every single person in the classroom was laughing. Except me.

Good to know the impression that I make on my students.

And just for the record...

I would never really strangle them.

You believe me, don't you?


  1. hahaha aren't 16 year olds just the best :)
    ps love the hair in curlers. and that shirt.
    xx jes

  2. Haha who are we kidding, you would strangle them! ;)

  3. hahahahahaha! omg this made me laugh! glad you keep em in line!

  4. oh myyyyyy goodness, that was amazing! definitely just made my day! keep the teacher stories comin :)

  5. Ha! You point about power was proven in her first sentence! :) Well, maybe she was joking (a little) but still.


  6. Hahaha, I love reading about your students. You're probably still their favorite teacher. And I like the pic - cuteness!

  7. Too funny! Curlers are a good look for you btw! Thats what I look like in the am

  8. You sound like such a FUN teacher!

  9. Reading your posts about your students makes me so much more excited to be a teacher. Granted, I will be teaching the little ones and not high school, but it still makes me excited!

  10. i love your top in that picture! and that is hilarious what gail did!!

  11. My mom was a teacher and she always had the BEST stories. She taught kindergarten, which is much different than teenagers, but teachers get to experience the most awesome things. Your Gail is just one of the many!

  12. yes!! old fashioned curlers, love it!!
    seriously, teachers do always have the best stories. i feel like i get a glimpse into it with nannying. ha
    xo TJ

  13. Bahahaha!! I've tried this, but they actually took it seriously then apologized to me because they understood why I yell at them so much hahah

  14. AAAAH! I feel such a kindred bond with you right now! Seriously, even with my first graders stuff like this happens. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites!