The Life of Bon: WINNING!

Friday, March 02, 2012


This has nothing to do with anything, but have you all been watching The Bachelor?  I'm pretty sure Courtney is America's public enemy #1.  Doesn't she sound like such a brat when she says "Winning!"??  If you don't know what I'm talking about, please watch the following two minute clip and inform yourself on the evil that currently surrounds us.

Please universe, never give me a daughter like Courtney.

That being said, someone around this joint is WINNING!  The winner of our leap day giveaway is....


Anna!!!!!!!!!!!  Comment- I'm loving the earrings (especially the Rodgers' fall edition pair!) :)   I'm already following you.

Anna, it is your lucky day sweetheart!  What you need to do now is shoot an email to Wonton Mommy at and give her your email address and tell her that you were the winner of the giveaway at Life of Bon.  She will hook you up with the rest!

Pssstttt....  Secret.... Do you want to know how I chose the winner?  Hubs was making a peanut butter and honey sandwich in the kitchen and I said "You, over there with the butter knife!  Pick a number anywhere from 1-23!"

"Twelve"  he responded without batting an eye.
"You just chose the winner of the giveaway!"
"I did!"  He said with more enthusiasm then a little girl in a bouncy castle.  "I just won the giveaway?!?"

"No, no, Hubs, you just chose the winner.  So whoever left the twelvth comment is the winner..."

"Oh..." The disappointment was clear in his voice.

Obviously Hubs was not thinking straight- he surely would not be excited about winning a bunch of jewelry from Wonton Mommy, but isn't it SO cute that for just one second he was so sincerely thrilled because he thought he won the giveaway hosted by his own wife?

I hope you all have a great weekend!  How much I enjoy my weekend will depend entirely on who wins the Heat Jazz game tonight.  It is not easy being such a dedicated sports fan- NOT EASY, my friends!


  1. bahahaha. Love that he picked the winner without knowing it!

  2. I'm not following the Bachelor this season (I know, I know), but they always have to have one terrible girl on the show... it's like a requirement during casting or something!


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  5. I totally knew that this post was going to be about the Bachelor just from the title. I think Courtney ruined that word for me..Go Jazz!

  6. Ugh that girl has problems!

  7. I just died laughing. Love what your man said. Cute, cute. And you are too! No, you're gorgeous, really. :)


  8. haha... that IS so cute.. poor hubs... hope you gave him some sort of consolation prize!! =)
    thanks for stopping by with your encouragement the other day with my baby going into surgery.. everyone words meant so much to me...for real! i had so much peace throughout..when before i was dreading and crying over and over..
    i followed you back!!
    thanks again bonnie! Oh, and courtney, how am i fooled by her recent sincerity.? my hubs is not so much.. but i "almost" believe her..

  9. I hope your hubs gets some kind of prize for picking the winner :)

  10. I only started watching the Bachelor because I kept hearing stuff about Courtney, oh she is horrible! What a crazy girl. I am pretty sure she is just in it to boost her "modeling" career!
    By the way, I love your little mini bio, you are too funny!

  11. I stopped watching the Bachelor when I found out who won (several weeks ago). When it wasn't Kacie B. I said "Ben, you're dumb. Stop wasting my time."

    Congrats to Anna!

  12. Tell your husband thanks for picking 12!! I can share, if he wants. ;)