The Life of Bon: Hunger Games: Flop?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games: Flop?

So there's this movie that opened called the hunger contest  or... hunger games or something like that.  I guess some kids fight until they all die or something and apparently it's been a big deal lately.

WHOA WHOA WHOA!  Settle down you guys!  I'm kidding!  Of course I know what Hunger Games is!  Please.  Sheesh, Louise  You joke around about Hunger Games for one second around this place and the whole world wants your neck on a rope.

As you all should know, the movie came out Thursday night/ Friday morning.  By Friday afternoon Hubs' bestie, Eric, had posted this on facebook about the movie:
Baffled and angered at how terrible Hunger games was. Seriously. Most unimaginative way to depict that story. Didn't care about one scene or character in that movie because no time was taken to develop any relationship. Good job Gary Ross, you successfully wrote and directed a two hour preview of a movie that could have been intense, emotionally provoking and epic.
Eric sure took some heat for this review.  He had 57 comments on his post, each one threatrening a different form of murder.  Kidding. 

But seriously. 

People were mad.

Because Eric wrote such a negative review of Hunger Games I was expecting to hate it myself.    You see, I hate almost all movies.  I spend half of the time saying "You can tell that's a fake apple,"  "No one would ever say that in real life," and "He's a terrible actor."  Hubs even admitted to me that he enjoys movies more without me because I'm not there in his ear whispering critiques throughout the entire movie.

Monday I had the day off of work (admit it, you wish you had my job so bad!) and so Hubs and I traipsed on over to the theatre to check out the movie for ourselves!  I was excited, but mostly scared scared that I was going to hate every second of it and this would just be another Hollywood disappointment.

Consensus:  Loved it!

Here's a little breakdown for you, (since I know you really value my opinion as a movie critic and all:)

Casting:  4/5  I was surprised at how much I loved the casting of Peeta.  So naive and hesitant- perfect for Peeta.  Katniss did excellent as well- strong while still showing fear and insecurity.  My only disappointment was Gale, who seemed too old for the part and a bit misplaced.

Relationships5/5  My favorite relationship was Katniss and Prim.  In fact, I thought the movie did a much better job than the book at establishing that emotional tie and making you care for Prim and understand Katniss' reason to volunteer for the games.  Also loved the connection between Katniss and Rue and was impressed and how quickly that was established.

Cinematography:... Um... I don't understand what that word means.  But I give it a 5!

Costume/makeup: 5/5  I loved the makeup and costuming of everybody from the capitol, especially in contrast to the drab and lifeless colors of those from the outer districts.  The color and costume choices perfectly showed the contrast of the lives of destitution of those in district 12 to the lives of decadence of those in the capitol.

Fight scenes:  5/5  These were done very tastefully.  I was worried that because the book is as violent as it is that there would be lots of violent and graphic scenes, but they kept it classy.

Overall:  Suspense, emotion, acting, pacing, screenplay...etc... 5/5.

So that's it!  I give the movie a 4.8/5 around these parts!  And that's saying a lot coming from old Bon Bon here!

So what do you think, folksies?  Did you like it as much as I did?  Or did you think it was "unimaginative" and "terrible" like Eric did?  Weigh in!  Every vote counts!  (It really doesn't.  Don't be deceived.  Just trying to muster up some excitement.)

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  1. Simply put: the movie slayed me dead.

    Totally amazing.

  2. I totally agree with you! It was almost perfect.
    Something was a bit up with Gale i think, maybe too old but he was hardly in there at all?! I thought we would see more of him.
    Amy xo

  3. I thought the movie was almost exactly like the book! So I guess that would make the book unimaginative and terrible?? Haha, I loved it. I was completely thrilled with the way they portrayed everything!

  4. i always find myself disappointed because movies are never as good as the book but I haven't seen this so not sure

  5. I agree. I loved it! I didn't go in with any expectations either, just went in and enjoyed how they made everything!!!

    Thanks for the comment love! Was wondering if you would want toad/ BLOG SWAP? I love your blog!!! 1st time commenting!! :)

  6. ok, so i actually really liked the movie, i thought it was interesting. the only thing i think is weird is the audience. i feel like its supposed to be for younger people but the content is definitely not for like a 12 year old. i wish they would of just kind of spoken more about the corrupt gov't. overall a pretty good movie, however i wish that they would of found a little bit of a more manly kid for peeta. sorry for this massive novel comment.


  7. Absolutely LOVED it. I will say, though, that if you haven't read the book it would be a little hard to understand. Of course the book is better, books always are, but I thought they were dead on for the most part. Reading the book first will give you the nuances that you might not understand in the movie otherwise.

  8. I was so happy with how it was made...aside from the jostling of the camera, that kinda got old at times...especially because we got there late (1/2 hour early) and were stuck in the second to very front row.

  9. I'm glad you loved it! I just watched it like 2 hours ago and I still have mixed feelings about it. But I loved the casting and costume/make-up too. But I did have the feeling that it was a bit rushed (I guess that's always hard when you have a movie out of a book). And I wish the relationship between Katniss and Peeta was a bit more developed in the movie. So I still have to figure out what to think :)

  10. Agreed. i thought gale was terrible but, everything else was AMAZING!


  11. I am dying to see it. I hope it stays on the big screen long enough for me to find a babysitter. I am so glad you liked it. I really loved the first book.

  12. I was one of the crazies at the midnight viewing on Thursday night. Me and my husband was definitely in the minority... 40+ age group! Lol. I loved the movie.... Of course loved the books more. Your review is great! I loved the wardrobe too.... Thinking of trying some gold eyeliner like Cinna:) (I shared a little review on my blog myself)

  13. I just wrote about the movie myself! I agree completely! Normally, I really don't like movies after having read the book {twilight books are ruined for me now because of those movies!}

    But this movie... LOVED it!

  14. You don't know what Cinematography is?! No wonder I only got an 18 when we switched our film papers that one time. And I got you a perfect 20!

  15. I'm finally seeing it tonight and I can't wait!

  16. I loved it :) and I was even in the second row! Of course there will always be little details left out from the books in the movies, but this movie had me shaking because I was so nervous for everyone in it!